This is a Melira, Sylvok Outcast + Phyrexian Unlife Infinite Combo Deck. For those unfamiliar with this particular combination I will explain.

There are 2 things going on in this deck. The infinite combo stuff with Melira's interactions with your other cards and then there is a soft lock win condition via Phyrexian Unlife and it's interaction with Melira. The enchantment says you don't lose the game for having 0 or lower life and all damage dealt to you is done as infect. Well, Melira, Sylvok Outcast says you can't get poison counters. Which means you can't lose the game from damage or life loss. So this should keep you in the game long enough for your infinite combo to go off.

So then the fun stuff starts because there are some silly combos that can happen because of Melira, Sylvok Outcast's other ability.

Because of Melira, Sylvok Outcast, your creatures cannot have -1/-1 counters put on them!

What this means is a Murderous Redcap now works with Bloodthrone Vampire for infinite damage to creature or player and infinite +2/+2 to the vampire. With Suture Priest this means infinite life loss to your opponents and infinite lifegain for you. Because of Viscera Seer you can now infinitely Scry 1 through your deck which means you can set up your next draw forever as well as select which benefit to use with Mul Daya Channelers. Phyrexian Hydra is now immune to damage. Canopy Cover and Asceticism protect your combo from being disrupted. Cauldron Haze is instant speed surprise from your hand to save your pieces. Krosan Grip is split second removal for any artifacts or enchantments that get in your way.

Here is the card breakdown:

The Creatures:

Bloodthrone Vampire: This is the main sacrifice outlet for your deck. At any time and at instant speed you can sacrifice any creature to this card to pump it's power and toughness by +2/+2. With Melira, Sylvok Outcast in play, this means you can infinitely sacrifice and return to play your Murderous Redcaps. They have persist, which means whenever they die you return them to play with a -1/-1 counter. But because of Melira, they cannot have the counter put on them. Which means you can sacrifice it to your vampire again. And repeat this as much as needed to deal an infinite amount of damage all around the table and have an impossibly huge vampire.
Melira, Sylvok Outcast: She is the center of the deck. Everything revolves around one of her abilities. Once she is in play, The games is going to end very quickly. Combined with your Phyrexian Unlife Melira means you cannot lose the game from damage or life loss. And then she confers on your Murderous Redcaps the ability to return to play an endless amount of times because you cannot put counters on any of your creatures. It is an amazing card at 2 mana and all you need to do is protect it until your combo off.
Mul Daya Channelers: This card is the main ramp in the deck. And it can also be a surprise beatdown when opponents let their guard drop. It has 2 modes based on whatever is on top of your library. With your Viscera Seers in play you can dictate what that card is going to be. It is a little slower than more popular ramp cards but much stronger in the mid-game. And since this deck is very good at bringing an inevitable conclusion to the game, this card works well in it.
Murderous Redcap: once you get these goblins into play it becomes just a matter of time before the game is over. Even without the combo happening they still deliver a Shock two times during the game. Nice by itself and insane with a Bloodthrone Vampire and Melira, Sylvok Outcast in play.
Phyrexian Hydra: This creature is just fun once it is in play. 7 points of infect is crazy big any way you look at it and your opponents will be quick to hate it out. This is a kind of protection for your other cards especially considering the hydra is not your win condition or even a part of it. But if it is not answered it is going to end the game for someone. Best of all is it's interaction with Melira. With her in play, your hydra becomes immune to any damage! It already prevents any damage to itself. But with her it cannot get -1/-1 counters and now becomes a semi-indestructible infected monster. This card can win games even without anything else going on in the deck.
Suture Priest: At 2 mana I sometimes think this card should be in every deck that has white or splashes for it. It shuts down weenie aggro, weenie combo and pebbles-style decks immediately. It slows tempo swings down in your favor by pushing your life total and whittling your opponents down whenever creature plays happen. And when you combo off with your redcap/vampire/melira thing it gives you infinite life.
card:Viscera See: This card is a wonderful addition to any deck running black. Scry 1 on a creature sacrifice is not bad. Combine that with it's interaction with your Mul Daya Channelers and you now suddenly control the modes of that card. Then it is an alternate sacrifice outlet from the Bloodthrone Vampire. But instead of boosting a creature, it will let you infinitely scry your library in combination with your redcaps and Melira.

The Other Spells:

Cauldron Haze: Instant speed response to any table wipes or pinpoint saves for whatever you have in play. The best thing about this card is it also interacts with Melira, Sylvok Outcast and all your creatures return to play without any counters if Melira is one of the cards returning to play.
Krosan Grip: The only thing better than instant speed artifact and enchantment hate is that same hate but with "Split Second" printed on the card. Split second means that play stops until this card resolves. So this card can actually stop your enemy's combos from going off and ruin activations because people think all they need is instant speed. But this trumps instant speed. Very good removal card to have in hand during a game.
Asceticism: What can I say? There is a reason for the price tag on this card. Granting hexproof to your army and adding regeneration to all of your creatures can break your opponents. Noe even destroy effects will get rid of your guys as long as you have some forests to tap.
card:Canopy Cove: Melira is the obvious main target for this aura. It grants hexproof to whatever creature you enchant with it. But another thing it does sometimes gets overlooked during a game. It also gives a limited form of unblockable to a creature it enchants. Dropping this on your Phyrexian Hydra or Bloodthrone Vampire can usually bring an immediate end to a game.
Phyrexian Unlife: The card may not be exciting but what it does is sure to enrage your foes. Once it is in play the game dynamics become kind of twisted and it becomes very hard for your enemies to kill you. With Melira, Sylvok Outcast in play it becomes impossible. Combined with hexproof from your auras and enchantments it makes for a nice lock.

The Lands:

Mirrodin's Core: This deck is kind of planned around a mid-range game. And this land is a good selection for the deck because of that. It helps mana fix and it does not slow you down too much early because it comes into play untapped and can still give colorless mana.
Terramorphic Expanse: This is a good source of deck-thinning and mana fix.
Forest, Plains and the Swamps round out the land in the deck. Tap them for mana and play your cards!

The Sideboard:

Bonds of Mortality: This cantripping card is in the board in case you encounter a deck filled with untargetable creatures or ones that are indestructible. This card lets you deal with both and replaces itself when cast with a draw.
Celestial Flare: Additional non-targeting removal for aggro strategies.
Faith's Shield: Instant speed protection for your creatures is a nice combat trick to be holding in hand and can help swing games against burn or removal heavy decks.
Glaring Spotlight: Similar in function to Bonds of Mortality in the deck. However, this card gives an added option to confer hexproof and unblockable to your army for a turn. This can be a game winner for you.
Krosan Grip: Added a copy of this to the board for artifact heavy decks or enchantment/aura strategies.

That is it for the deck. If you have comments or suggestions please post them here.


Updates Add

Added a sideboard of the cards discussed here to improve the deck versus certain matchups.

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