Village Cannibals

Village Cannibals

Creature — Human

Whenever another Human creature dies, put a +1/+1 counter on Village Cannibals.

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Village Cannibals Discussion

legendofa on Pattern Recognition #210 - The …

1 month ago

One thing I'd like to mention about Innistrad-set artwork is that it has some of the highest concentration of first-person scenes in the game, pulling the player directly into the scene. See Hollowhenge Spirit, Village Cannibals, Screeching Skaab, Grotesque Mutation, Confirm Suspicions, and more. This, I think, makes the horror and the action of the set that much more personal and visceral.

paytongamer on Humans, Yum II

1 year ago

Ha! The very first Magic Deck I built was Rakdos "Humans, Yum" for Innistrad standard. After a multi-year hiatus, when I came back to TappedOut I converted the now "illegal" Standard deck to Modern. I have never played Modern competitively but the friend who brought me back into magic wanted to play Modern so I made an attempt to convert the old deck. My friend was running competitive Modern decks so my jank didn't hold up. We used to work for the same company and would travel for work together so we'd throw down in hotel lobbies after long days on the road. I don't own the land base to support a competitive Modern deck so I ended up taking a Mono-Blue deck from Saffron Olive and I carry that with me and play it occasionally.

I'd still love to build a semi-competitive constructed deck around Falkenrath Aristocrat and Village Cannibals. There have been many new cards printed since then that make "Human Soldier" tokens and every time I see one I get an impulse to revisit this deck and try again.

thetanman91 on Speeding up Skirsdag

3 years ago

The biggest reason for having Village Cannibals is to pump it from a 2/2 to a 5/5 using Deranged Outcast...however, with all the recent suggestions, it seems that maybe keeping a purely human tribal seems like not the way to go.

square711 on Speeding up Skirsdag

3 years ago

Raise the Alarm was actually a mistake on my part - I thought it made Human tokens, not Soldier tokens. Gather the Townsfolk is sorcery speed, which kinda sucks, but it does synergize better with the rest of the deck... but on second thought, maybe you're better off not playing either of them. Just focus on replacing your current sacrifice outlets and testing with Young Wolf to see how well it fits your needs.

Oh, and one last thing: get rid of Village Cannibals. A 2/2 that hits the board on turn 3 is too slow for Modern - if you want a creature that gets bigger as you sacrifice stuff, Mortician Beetle is your best bet.

Eiti3 on Rebellion Against the Pie!

4 years ago

Gonna name the obvious Null Profusion and Recycle. I'm actually revamping one of my decks to have both of those in it.

And just because it's been my favorite card for the longest time, Conspiracy.

The first two allow you to abuse the excessive mana you have to keep playing cards and drawing more. And Conspiracy allows you to run whatever creature types you want, and few who benefit a certain type. Once you plop it down, then it gets pretty crazy.

I heard human tribal is pretty decent with green, so you could make a Birds of Paradise a human that gets buffed by a Hamlet Captain or something.... and now that I just did a quick search of gatherer, most green/black human tribal involves sac'ing them, so that works even better with Meren at the helm - looking at Village Cannibals. Werewolves works too, but eh, I've seen that tribal far too much.

Dredgar on Hardhitta7

4 years ago

5 color?!? Now I know your crazy, but 5 color crazy? ;). Well I think you need to have equipments that are made for humans like Bladed Bracers, True-Faith Censer and Silver-Inlaid Dagger and if you like scarescrows Harvest Hand  Flip. Then we need some bad-ass humans. I'll just say one human per color to keep it simple. My favorite human/white is Elite Inquisitor, forget the protection, a 2/2 two drop with first strike and vigilance is tight. A great red would be Kessig Malcontents or Riot Ringleader. Green human could be Hamlet Captain or a super badass human Warden of the First Tree. Blue human Captain of the Mists. black human Village Cannibals. Those are just a few. Out of all honesty I think it might be a little ambitious to try 5 color humans m. 3 color might be a happy medium that won't leave you super frustrated trying to make it work ;)

huschli on Being Human

4 years ago

what about taking out Village Cannibals and replace them with Angelic OverseerGE or Mother of Runes ?

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