Philip, Brian...the Governor's been called a few different names, but Garth is a new one. This is a Walking Dead inspired Gate and Zombie tribal deck with Desert and Human tribal sub-themes.

The main goal is to ramp out some Gates and have a horde of Walker tokens overrun your opponents. That being said, this deck cares a little more about references and flavor than actually winning.

NOTE: This deck uses the Acorn card Nearby Planet and the banned card Braids, Cabal Minion. If your playgroup isn't okay with this, they can easily be swapped out for other cards.

The maybeboard serves as a reminder list of Garth's ability options, along with a handful of fun omissions.

Framing Device

The Survivors☆ and the Saviors♧ find themselves dealing with a new threat. This group calls themselves the Ghoulcallers♤, and they're leading a massive herd of Walkers straight into the warpath of the feuding factions.

☆The Survivors are comprised of Rick, Steadfast Leader, Daryl, Hunter of Walkers, Michonne, Ruthless Survivor, Carol, with Wild Abandon, Rosita, Resourceful Soldier, Morgan, Path Unclear, and Maggie, Keen Negotiator.

♧The Saviors are led by Negan, The Cold-Blooded and consists of henchmen like Savior Plunderers and briefly Eugene, Reluctant Pretender.

◇Other Community reps include Ezekiel, Thespian King and Jerry, the King's Guard of The Kingdom, Jesus, the Quick and Caring and Gregory, Doomed Dissenter of Hilltop, as well as Jadis, Who Does Not Bother of The Scavengers.

♤The Ghoulcallers are Ghoulcaller Gisa, Jadar, Ghoulcaller of Nephalia, and Geralf, Visionary Stitcher.

As the series continues on, we take a look back at those who have departed the show.

♡In memoriam: Shane, Pragmatist, The Governor, Milton, Walker Experimenter, Terminus Cannibals, Beth, Angelic Voice, The Wolves, Sasha, Grief Stricken, Citizens of the Kingdom, Shiva, Stalking Tiger, Abraham, Short-Fused Sergeant, and Glenn, the Voice of Calm.

Now let's take a sneak peek at next week's(?) episode...or season. Or whatever.

The Whisperers, Alpha, Shepherd of Rot, Beta, the New Alpha, Yumiko, Well Traveled, Princess, Lonely Eccentric, and Nick, Fear Addict.

Wait, which show is this again?

Garth One-Eye offers a lot of options, with Terror and Disenchant being some reliable hard removal. While Regrowth can grab us any important pieces from the graveyard, Black Lotus is undoubtedly the go-to 1st pick. If we're not finding any ramp or draw engines, Braingeyser can bail us out. And when we have no options left, there's always Shivan Dragon.

The Zombies here are mostly comprised of Walker tokens, with the major exceptions being Shepherd of Rot, and Wilhelt, the Rotcleaver (which gives us even more Walkers). Walking Dead is also in here because it wouldn't be a TWD deck without it.

Rick, Steadfast Leader is the Human tribal glue to the deck, while cards like Geralf, Visionary Stitcher and Liliana's Devotee are the meat and bones of the Zombies. Maskwood Nexus and it's Changeling creature tokens help round out the double tribal gimmick, along with making a neat reference to the Whisperers.

If Ghoulcaller Gisa's sacrifice is equipped with Glaive of the Guildpact, it can give us some serious bang for our buck. Basilisk Gate's ability works too, and even better if you stack them.

Thespian's Stage can copy one of our Gates, Field of the Dead, or even a Desert if the situation calls for it. Moritte of the Frost can do this too, but isn't limited just to Lands.

The drawback of Daryl, Hunter of Walkers can be exploited through Shepherd of Rot. This also applies to Curse of Disturbance, especially when enchanting yourself.

Negan, The Cold-Blooded, Treasure Map   and Heap Gate all grant Treasure tokens that can be used for some extra draws with Treasure Cove  . Alternatively, they could instead be kept to boost Deadeye Plunderers, or just mana-dumped for a big Dark Salvation.

Between all of the land fetch and Nine-Fingers Keene, our Gates are easy to get going. Maze's End and Crackling Perimeter offer us some win conditions, while Hold the Gates just makes insane value for Geralf.

Struggle / Survive is here for the amazing flavor, but is also just a pretty strong single target removal. Plus, the aftermath spell is a great way to deal with mill or to just get some Deserts back into the deck.

Although Hazezon, Shaper of Sand and Maja, Bretagard Protector aren't making Walkers per se, the tokens still work beautifully with Anointer Priest. And being able to play Deserts from the graveyard encourages making use of their cycling/sacrificing abilities.

Ifnir Deadlands and the other Desert Painlands all have the upside of situational effects at the cost of sacking another Desert. And while they can always be tapped for Colorless with 0 drawback, Thran Portal will never not ping for mana. However, it can still be used for the additional costs of abilities and effects on cards like Guild Summit.

The artwork on Stalking Tiger is just too perfect not to include. Though it lacks any real synergy with most of the deck, it becomes unblockable when equipped with Lucille or other Equipment with Menace. Plus, a tiger with a barbed wire bat in it's mouth is just plain cool.

Power level aside, Braids, Cabal Minion was included because she's a dead ringer for Princess (introduced in season 10.) Between our tokens, Deserts, and Creatures like Doomed Dissenter, the price of keeping her on the battlefield is practically nothing.

Garth One-Eye - the Governor, obviously

Shivan Dragon - he comes packing a lot of firepower

Guild Summit - akin to the counsel formed by the various communities

Druid Class - teaching how to garden is important for survival

Shefet Monitor - but returning home with game is a welcomed treat

Treasure Map   - reminiscent of the map to Terminus

Treasure Cove   - likened to Rick's cache of weapons buried just outside of Terminus

Village Cannibals - directly inspired by the inhabitants of Terminus themselves

Xathrid Necromancer - the Wolves slaughtered those they ran across, and set Walker traps for others to deal with

Tiger-Tribe Hunter - citizens of the Kingdom stand with Shiva in battle

Stalking Tiger - blatantly Shiva

Hazezon, Shaper of Sand - although Jerry isn't the correct token, Ezekiel needs his right-hand man

Havengul Runebinder - loose homage to Milton, the Governor's walker experimenter

Dark Salvation - harkens back to the ever looming threat of the herd

Curse of Disturbance - hostile interactions with other groups frequently led to drawing the attention of walkers

Gatecreeper Vine - buildings covered in rampant overgrowth can be a challenge to get through

Glaive of the Guildpact - a surrogate katana, strengthened by the bonds made with others

Doomed Dissenter - once Gregory stopped getting his way, he doomed himself to failure

Anointer Priest - Sasha resolved to reach her goal, even after becoming a Walker

Ghoulcaller Gisa - it seems like every other season gives the main characters a new big baddie to deal with

Jadar, Ghoulcaller of Nephalia - and with each new main antagonist, there's always a right-hand man

Geralf, Visionary Stitcher - along with an insider scheming against them

Deadeye Plunderers - the Saviors grow stronger with every supply they take

Bloodline Pretender - Eugene was whatever best fit his chances of survival

Maja, Bretagard Protector - Rosita makes a good enough Abraham token, and that's pretty awesome

Archway Angel - Beth had the voice of an angel

Awakened Amalgam - every community coming together to take on the Saviors, or maybe it's just the fandom

Ashnod, Flesh Mechanist - look at that hair and tell me that's not Jadis

Gates Ablaze - when the Governor burned Woodbury to the ground

Shepherd of Rot - it takes an Alpha to lead the herd

Wilhelt, the Rotcleaver - Beta is the new Alpha

Hour of Promise and other land tutors - the search for home is never ending

Nine-Fingers Keene - target Maggie, pay the price

Braids, Cabal Minion - goggles, crazy, Princess

Mina and Denn, Wildborn - Carol is willing to do whatever it takes, and Daryl always has her back

Gor Muldrak, Amphinologist - Shane knew Walkers weren't the only threat

District Guide - Yumiko and her group moved around a lot before joining Hilltop

Tobias, Doomed Conqueror - Jesus never wanted to be a leader

Draugr's Helm - Walkers with headgear can be some of the most difficult to deal with

Crackling Perimeter - electric fences make for safe communities

Struggle / Survive - the pure embodiment of The Walking Dead

Moritte of the Frost - reminds me of Morgan's eventual return to show, and the lead up to his reveal

Liliana's Devotee - as the most interesting character from Fear TWD, Nick gets a nod

Here's a behind the scenes look at your favorite places in Fear the Walking Dead, TWD: World Beyond, our shiny new show TWD: Dead City, and the only one that I'll actually make any references to, AMC's The Walking Dead.

Survivors' Encampment - specifically referencing Rick's camp in season 1

Baldur's Gate - it took some work, but the Prison had a good thing going for it

Plaza of Harmony - Woodbury was a veritable paradise

Black Dragon Gate - and Terminus was a veritable hell

Basilisk Gate - Grady Memorial Hospital, where Beth truly became an Angel

Painted Bluffs - "WOLVES NOT FAR"

Manor Gate - Alexandria has many nice homes

Cliffgate - Hilltop boasts quite the vantage point

Thespian's Stage - the Kingdom was known for its dramatic flair

Sea Gate - Unambiguously Oceanside

Heap Gate - the Heaps, home to the garbage people

Citadel Gate - the Saviors' Sanctuary

Maskwood Nexus - the Whisperers made their borders very clear

Gateway Plaza - the Commonwealth has a process to get in

Swamp, Forest, Island, Mountain, and Plains - like pages ripped straight out of the comics

Coral Eel or other Coral cards -

Abzan Battle Priest - Father Gabriel really let loose in the later seasons

Alpha Status - she's called Alpha for a reason

Cultivator's Caravan - the wagons carrying goods to the trade faire

Endless Ranks of the Dead - like Walkers outside of Gabriel's church

From Under the Floorboards - they really do come out of nowhere

Goliath Truck - it's not exactly Dale's RV, but it could work

Sanctuary Lockdown - all kneel before Negan in the Sanctuary

Spare Supplies - always carry a backpack

Theoden, King of Rohan - between the artwork and being a king, this would probably make for a better Ezekiel


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