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My passion is competitive EDH. I love building and playing top tier decks. I also have a passion for building theme and tribal decks. My favorite color in Magic is Black, my favorite tribe is Zombies. My favorite two color combination is Orzhov while my favorite three color combination is Esper. My all time favorite character in Magic is by far Nicol Bolas. I just love everything about him, he is in good colors, he is a powerhouse, and his lore is absolutely fantastic. He is by far the best character.

I desire to one day have a highly competitive deck in all color varieties. This is an especially hard challenge because I have a severe addiction to Foils. I am slowly putting all of my current decks on my profile. For now I will list the color varieties and my chosen Commanders for them.

My pride and joy is by far my full White Border EDH deck. It was a challenge I made for myself, to see if I could actually build an EDH deck limited to cards that were legally printed with a White Border. Be sure to check it out!!

Future Plans:Build two EDH decks to be played against each other. Our favorite siblings will lead them, Ghoulcaller Gisa and Stitcher Geralf.

Also thinking about building an EDH deck around each Theros God.

100% White Border Bolas

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zero11545 says... #1

http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/ghoulcaller-mono-black-1/ here is my ghoulcaller deck lol guess it was perfect timing to funny :)

January 24, 2017 1:40 p.m.

zero11545 says... #2

hey iazire i was wondering how well u know ghoulcaller gisa deck style? i am needing to make cuts so figured i would ask u and dlamars for help if possible once i get it updated with all actual cards i got for it. i can let u know and give link

January 24, 2017 11:17 a.m.

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Nullmage Advocate is garbage. Literally if I saw one sitting on a table for free, I would leave it.

I guess it could see some use if you're going ultra Group Hug with something like Phelddagrif.

February 14, 2017 2 a.m.

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Angus Mackenzie would be a great Bant Superfriends Commander. Fog on a body is great, it's repeatable, and you will always have access to him in your Command Zone.

February 13, 2017 8:09 p.m.

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Well I already recommended Atraxa, Praetors' Voice as a Superfriends deck. That could be fairly expensive though. My second recommendation is against Derevi, Empyrial Tactician.

Other than that, there have been multiple other choices named that would be fine choices.

February 13, 2017 noon

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I hate to disagree but Derevi, Empyrial Tactician is not the best recommendation for a beginner. Derevi will get hate and a lot of it. That is a top tier competitive Commander, and if your deck isn't built that way you will still get the hate.

Even the Rules Committee that controls the Ban List for EDH says while they think the list is fine how it is, if they were to look at additional bans, Derevi would be one. In that statement, only one card was named as potentially being watched, and that card was Derevi.

So long story short, from top to bottom, everybody is watching Derevi. Build it competitive or not at all.

February 12, 2017 9:55 p.m.

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Atraxa, Praetors' Voice Superfriends deck. Totally. So much fun. It's not top tier competitive but it is a lot of fun and you will win a fair amount of games.

February 12, 2017 2:01 a.m.

No Possibility Storm is absolutely amazing. It allows for all kinds of fun stuff!! Like a Turn 4 Avacyn, Angel of Hope!!

That happened to me when we were playing a Planechase EDH game. It was an absolutely great time. Of course she didn't last long because Planechase is chaotic like that.

Note: When we play Planechase EDH, we just put all Planes in a stack in the middle of the table, then they act as usual. Each player is the controlling player during their turn.

February 11, 2017 5:50 a.m.

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MindAblaze I understand what you are saying but I feel this still links back to the Sol Ring vs Mana Crypt thread. If you're playing Meren of Clan Nel Toth, the question I would have to ask would be, why would you not run BOTH Cultivate and Call the Scions? Yes one is better, but both provide you with stuff you want to do. Both are easily great cards for the deck. Why force yourself to pick one when you can have both?

I personally don't find it fun to purposely neuter myself. Like I mentioned earlier in the thread, I'm all for it if you get with your playgroup and have everybody build their decks according to the same restrictions. Then it wouldn't hurt to neuter yourself. That would make it fun to build such a deck, but to do so just for the hell of it? No.

I also disagree with the idea that this is what Commander players should do. The format allows for a lot of different play, by no means should we build every deck by this philosophy.

I understand the exaggeration but it still goes over the top. For me at least it invalidates the entire argument. It would work better if a more serious approach was taken and it wasn't said to replace good cards with relatively garbage cards.

Here are some examples, why play Sunken Ruins and spend all that money when you can play Darkwater Catacombs? I could understand something like that, not stuff like replace Wrath of God with (insert crap boardwipe here). There are even points to be made like, if you're playing Daxos the Returned why don't you save some money on Damnation and use Extinguish All Hope instead? I would understand that point. It fits the flavor and actually benefits you more for that specific deck. The suggestions made in the article remind me of when my 5 month old daughter got into my Magic cards. I'm not building a deck out of whatever random jank she decided she wanted at the time.

I'm sorry, but any article that tells me, exaggerating or not, I would have NERF a Precon deck before Commander will be fun is absolutely ridiculous and all points made are null and void. Besides the fact that if you remove exaggerated points, was there a single good point made in the entire article? The article fails because it doesn't bring up any relevant discussion, and can be reduced to terrible trolling.

February 11, 2017 3:25 a.m.

Honestly my favorite Duel Commanders right now are Vial Smasher the Fierce + Kraum, Ludevic's Opus.

They put you in Grixis colors, the top 3 in DC imo. You get Counter magic available to you, you get the best Burn spells like Lightning Bolt, and the targeted Hand Disruption and Tutors. Also read Vial Smasher, opponent chosen at random? Well that's no good.....WAIT!! I only have ONE opponent!! Fantastic!!

I also like to play effective cards that go under the radar. Like Dash Hopes for example. First off, it's a Counterspell. I LOVE non- Counterspells. It also gives your opponent the choice of paying 5 life to counter it. It's a win/win either way. You either Counter the spell you were targeting, or your opponent just paid 5 life in a 20 life format. Beautiful. You also get the benefit of sometimes doing 2 damage with Vial Smasher on cast. Do note that the damage is dealt on Cast, not resolution. So if you opponent pays the 5 life to counter it, that is 7 damage, from one spell!!

All in all I am a huge Off Color fan. Like the off color Counter magic I already mentioned, and stuff like Fog in other colors. Darkness and Dawn Charm are examples.

What is great about that Commander combo, is you get to use the new Partner mechanic, Vial Smasher is extremely effective allowing you to slow your opponent down while doing consistent damage at the same time. Then later you cast your second Commander, Vial Smasher burns your opponent for 5 on cast, then your second Commander is Flying (huge in DC), and it has Haste!! Why does it have Haste!? That's 4 damage in Combat the turn it comes in. Up to 9 damage for casting one card!! It also has a useful ability giving you card draw if your opponent casts more than one spell in a turn.

I've been rambling a bit, but why I like these Commanders is because most decks choose to be either Control OR Aggro. These two play both, at the same time. Vial Smasher threatens to do damage to your opponent on THEIR turn. Counter that spell you didn't like? Enjoy the free damage you got with it.

Control Burn deck? Oh man am I in love!! You also get to play great creatures like Thing in the Ice  Flip. Oh man is that card fun in the deck. It comes down before your Commander. Great blocker, dodges Lightning Bolt, and you will be spell slinging being able to flip it relatively fast. Of course you get the best 1v1 card ever in True-Name Nemesis.

I'm rambling again. In short it's a lot of fun. It is really competitive. You might already have these cards depending on how many Commander products you buy!! All I do is WIN WIN WIN WIN!!

February 11, 2017 1:22 a.m.

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I think there are some serious issues with the points being argued here. First off Cultivate is a far better card than Call the Scions. It gives you Lands which can be different colors for mana fixing. Scions give mana and are a one time use. I'm not saying Call the Scions is a bad card in Meren, as it does give Experience counters, I am just saying Cultivate is a better card.

I think the argument about Grixis color is bad too. The Commanders being named play extremely different. If someone is building Grixis decks all the same way, they are fairly terrible at deck building.

Please explain how Nekusar, the Mindrazer, Crosis, the Purger, Thraximundar, and Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge play the same deck. If you're saying the mana base and the Ramp base, well sure but that's the extent of it. Why would I want to cut Signets and Talismans for other rocks? Why would I do that?

These Commanders are also at very different levels in terms of Competitive play. A true Nekusar deck is fun, (FUN AS HELL!!), but will never be able to compete with Jeleva. Thraximundar is also fun but should be able to properly wreck Nekusar as well.

I feel other colors might play more similar decks, but the Grixis example is absolutely horrendous as Grixis has some great variety in its Commanders. What I'm seeing though is comparable to saying Zur the Enchanter and Oloro, Ageless Ascetic play the same deck.

Do you even deck build bro?

February 11, 2017 12:41 a.m.

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I don't understand why you say you love it MagicalHacker. Could you not get with your playgroup and say you would like everyone to build decks with a limit of $1 per card?

In short, that is what he is saying in the article. Any playgroup could do this, it's not like it would even be expensive for people to build the decks.

There is even a YouTube channel that builds decks specifically with that $1 cap in mind, (I'm personally a big fan). Budget MTG Decks, All Magic fun, All cards under a dollar!!

While the idea itself isn't bad, to attempt to push such a philosophy on the entire Commander format, like the article is doing, is simply ridiculous.

February 10, 2017 2:40 p.m.

Said on In Which Adam ......


I expect that he was trolling with his article. There is no way he could possibly believe such things. Some examples:

  1. Get rid of all Ramp and Artifacts if you aren't an Artifact deck.

  2. Get rid of good lands for bad lands, (not Badlands).

  3. Get rid of good cards for bad cards.

  4. Get rid of Tutors. If your deck doesn't have card draw available to it due to colors or strategy, suck it up, that's just a part of Magic. (Because Tutors aren't a part of Magic after all.)

The moral of the story, he is either trolling or a complete idiot. What it sounds like he is really trying to do, is add a cap of $1 per card in your deck and banning anything he deems unfun or unfavorful, like Sol Ring.

February 10, 2017 2:23 p.m.

Well I was explaining why I believe you should keep Captain Sisay as a Multiplayer deck. She is quite good in Multiplayer and can be a lot of fun.

My suggestion for Duel Commander is to look into the Meta and perhaps build a new deck for that. Of course I would make sure you have people to play against if you are going to spend money on a DC deck. In my area I have people to play against, but Multiplayer is pretty much what everyone plays.

February 10, 2017 2:05 p.m.

Sands of Time could be fun but it was probably more relevant in the time when Mana Burn was a thing. Now it's easy enough to avoid as players can just tap their unused mana sources like Lands and Artifacts on the End Step before their turn. It may effect some creatures though.

February 10, 2017 9:24 a.m.

To give you another example I will use Zurgo.

Turn 1 - Zurgo Bellstriker, both players at 20.

Turn 2 - Zurgo attacks for 2, opponent casts Lightning Bolt for 3 damage, and Shock for 2 damage. Unless you have done something, your opponent is at 20, you are at 13.

Turn 3 - Zurgo attacks, opponent casts Ball Lightning. You should have blockers, so it depends on their toughness on the damage, but Zurgo is coming in for 2 and Ball is coming in for 6. If nothing goes blocked, you are at 5 life.

Obviously every game won't go that way, and typically it will be a bit slower, especially if you have Counter magic up. You will still face a bunch of cards just like these. Keldon Marauders does 2 damage just by entering and leaving, it may do combat damage, Keldon Champion is Lightning Bolt and swings in combat at least once if it's Echo cost isn't paid, Fireblast can be a killing blow as most cards will be cheap and they will just Sac two Tapped lands, etc.

You could easily say Turn 4 your opponent plays a Keldon Champion for another 6 incoming damage. Turn 5 would be tap two mana for Keldon Marauders, then Sac those two lands to Fireblast. Your opponent still has 3 mana for next turn which should cast almost anything in their deck.

I would say that and are the two weakest colors in Duel Commander. has the benefit of Counter magic. has Hand Disruption and the best tutors not banned. has the Burn to either burn face or remove creatures. has Ramp but your opponent is swinging in and burning for damage while you ramp. is kind of lacking, it has Enlightened Tutor but it isn't that big of a deal. Even the best removal Path to Exile ramps your opponent, and Swords to Plowshares gives your opponent life. Swords is the obvious better choice as the creatures tend to be cheap and effective, so Path gives your opponent a larger benefit.

Just keep these things in mind. Try to build your deck to end games by Turn 5, Turn 6 at the latest. Games may last longer than this, but that is the goal you should shoot for.

February 10, 2017 7:04 a.m.

I understand what you're saying, but you would need to completely restructure your deck. You aren't running any Hatebears that are relevant.

  • Aven Mindcensor is ultimately pointless. While people do Tutor, it happens a lot less as the games are much shorter. You have to remember that the average CMC is a lot lower than Multiplayer, and some of the best low CMC Tutors are banned.

  • Dragonlord Dromoka is too slow. He seems good but will likely never swing. Typically you will either be killed before he can swing, or he will be removed.

  • Gaddock Teeg is almost completely irrelevant. You can think of Duel Commander almost like Tiny Leaders. The average CMC is REALLY low as the games don't last nearly as long.

  • Iona, Shield of Emeria is a great card and I tried running her in Kaalia of the Vast as she will never he cast in Duel Commander, but how are you going to get her into play? I'm not sure I've ever seen a DC game last till Turn 9. You would need an aggressive ramp package that can still survive while ramping.

  • Linvala, Keeper of Silence is always a great card. Most Commanders I see have Triggered Abilities and not Activated. Could be useful against creatures like Mother of Runes though.

Another reason I brought up that it was bad to tutor to hand is that cards like Inquisition of Kozilek, Thoughtseize, Duress, etc are all included in any deck running .

If you are running Sisay for colors, then there could be better options. I would say most decks really want there Commander, those that care less are typically like Zurgo Bellstriker that are just trying to burn you down anyway.

I would like to mention, that they are two COMPLETELY different formats. Examples include the targeted hand hate like I said above and cards like Lightning Bolt are never ran in Multiplayer, but are ALWAYS in DC decks in . Think of DC more as a Highlander format and less like Commander. The main difference of course being the fact that you get the consistency of having a Commander. Your Commander will typically be relevant to the deck.

To give you an idea, to beat Geist of Saint Traft, you will need to either Counter him being cast which will be hard for your colors, or kill him in Combat. Just blocking him won't help due to his Angel friends. At the latest he is coming out Turn 3, and swinging Turn 4. You will be dead by Turn 6. You are hoping he doesn't either draw or tutor for Steel of the Godhead. This is the kind of situation you want to consistently be able to beat.

Expect the game to end around Turn 6. Each round is a best 2 out of 3, and each is timed for around 55 minutes. From my personal experience, most rounds are completed by 30 minutes. To give you another idea, I've seen people try to run Purphoros, God of the Forge and he was a bit too slow.

February 10, 2017 6:10 a.m.

It should be Multiplayer, no question. Captain Sisay is far too slow to be competitive in Duel Commander.

First off, her CMC is 4, and without fast mana like Sol Ring and Mana Crypt, she is unlikely to come out consistently before Turn 3, sometimes as late as Turn 4. There are fast mana options, but few options make it inconsistent. Sisay also has to resolve, then dodge removal for a full turn before she even gets her first Tutor off.

You also run into the issue of her tutoring to hand, so you then either have to play or cast whatever you tutored. That card needs to consistently lock your opponent down or win the game for you. The lack of options to slow your opponents down in is going to hurt you.

You have to figure, if Sisay comes down on Turn 4, she is tutoring Turn 5, and you should be under 10 life. Of course if you're relying on the other cards in your deck, why are you playing Sisay in the first place?

Examples of decks you need to beat:

Is Hexproof, when he swings he brings a 4/4 Flying Angel with him, every turn. Also runs a lot of Control to stop you from doing what you want.

Comes down Turn 1, is swinging for 2 each turn. By Turn 4, if you haven't killed him, he has done 8 damage, by himself. He typically runs Burn spells and other cheap Haste creatures. If you do remove him, he is 3 mana to recast which is still cheaper than your Commander. Also note that in combat, him and Sisay kill each other.

Plays Control to slow you down until they can play Vial Smasher. Then the first spell of each turn hits you for damage, even on your turn if they Counterspell, you take 2 damage. Kraum is used primarily for its addition of to the deck and the fact that it is going to slam you for 5 damage when it comes out.

Control and Aggro rule Duel Commander. doesn't really excel at either. Your Commander and color combination is much more suited to Multiplayer.

February 9, 2017 7:55 p.m.

It's interesting to read the comments here. First I keep seeing Tamiyo being brought up, she isn't in the Gatewatch. She decided that she had better things to do.

I feel the problem with the story is that the characters have been nerfed. Not power wise, but story wise. Nissa USED to have depth, she was powerful, you could understand her motivations, but like any real person, she was flawed as she was a dirty old racist. Now she is just Mono- Planeswalker. She went from depth, (which makes a good character), to this copy paste Elf from any/all fantasy ever. I will be as bold as to say, if Nissa gets killed, few people will care.

I believe people want to see the Gatewatch lose because most people aren't particularly fond of them. I don't know a single person that likes Gideon. Most refer to him as a "Special Ed" kind of character, but he is really just a big strong brute. He is Mono- Garruk. He is comparable to Captain America where you know you are supposed to be rooting for him, but what you actually want is to see Iron Man knock his teeth out.

Liliana is a favorite because she has depth. She has legitimate character development and a story that people like. Why can't they all be like her?

Of course there is Jace, who likes this guy? I hear most people say, "Jace comes, Jace wins, end story." People are bored of Jace. He needs to lose, and while he was defeated by Bolas in the past, what lingering effects did that defeat have?

The story has gotten stale, because it is consistently the same thing over and over. That is why people want the Gatewatch to lose. It needs to happen. Bolas is the last threat left. New Phyrexia is a joke by comparison. Last I heard, they were still fighting each other and Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite actually wiped out two of the other armies. Elesh eliminated 2/5 of New Phyrexias forces. They have their own stuff to work out before they become a threat again, and they need to rebuild AFTER they figure out the politics.

What is interesting though is that we will see Bolas soon. I have already made multiple posts in the Lore section regarding Bolas, the Gatewatch, and Karn. The topic is of Karn vs Bolas, but I felt bringing the Gatewatch up was relevant.

Long story short, Bolas defeated Jace in the past while Jace had the assistance of Tezzeret. Being a powerful Mind Mage was nothing as Bolas EASILY defeated Jace, MENTALLY. Bolas also planned on Jace being there to release the Eldrazi. Bolas planned on Chandra being there. Bolas was most likely aware of Nissa as his plan involved Zendikar and the Eldrazi. Bolas and Liliana have worked together in the past, and Bolas has much knowledge that Liliana desires. Ajani has admitted to himself that he is far weaker than Bolas and created a Bolas clone to fight the Elder Dragon. That is unlikely to happen again.

It seems to me that soon we will have the Gatewatch losing like most of the fan base wants as the Gatewatch can't compete with Bolas. I guess it has all worked out according to plan though, keep the fan base engaged to the point where they just WANT the Gatewatch to lose, and then give it to them.

WE NEED MORE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!! We need to be able to care, either way, about these characters.

February 9, 2017 9:24 a.m.

Said on Karn vs bolas?...


Yes, he was too powerful for the Plane and had to anchor himself. We don't know why though. What I mean by that is we don't know if he is too powerful to manifest on any Plane, or if that specific Plane was just weak.

To answer the second part of your question, Bolas chose to separate his mind from his body.

From what we know, Bolas has defeated Teferi (I believe killing him), he killed Ugin, he EASILY defeated the combined effort of Tezzeret and Jace. Jace is supposed to be some amazingly powerful Mind Mage, yet Bolas was easily able to overpower Tezzeret and Jace, MENTALLY.

I don't remember exactly, did Bolas kill Venser or did it work out some other way? I know Venser is dead, and Bolas was involved, yet I don't remember if Bolas killed Venser.

From my standpoint, if we look at who Bolas has already defeated and those that have failed to defeat him, he easily has the upper hand.


  • Gideon Jura No interaction with Bolas that I am aware of, threat level: insignificant

  • Nissa Revane No interaction with Bolas that I am aware of, threat level: could be dangerous due to her connection to Leylines

  • Jace Beleren Easily defeated by Bolas with help from Tezzeret, manipulated into releasing the Eldrazi by Bolas, threat level: insignificant

  • Chandra Nalaar Manipulated into releasing the Eldrazi by Bolas, threat level: probably insignificant as Bolas planned her presence

  • Liliana Vess Much interaction with Bolas in the past, they have always worked together, threat level: high for the Gatewatch as given an ultimatum, Liliana may side with Bolas due to his knowledge of her demon masters and his ability to regain much of the lost power from the Mending

  • Ajani Goldmane Has fought Bolas in the past, knew he was too weak to defeat him so it tried some trickery and created a Bolas clone, threat level: could be dangerous but unlikely Bolas would allow Ajani to do the same thing twice lowering his threat level

Bolas doesn't really have competition in the Gatewatch. The fact that Bolas planned on Sarkhan, Jace, and Chandra being on Zendikar to release the Eldrazi, he doesn't fear them. As he made this entire plan, it is almost certain he knows of Nissa and planned on her participation as well. I also suspect that Chandra may follow Liliana if Liliana were to leave the Gatewatch.

February 8, 2017 4:33 p.m.

Said on Karn vs bolas?...


That isn't necessarily fair Nemesis. Nicol Bolas was only defeated because he was separated from his body at the time. His body was in one location while his mind was in another.

You could say that it was arrogance and it might be a fair standpoint, but do you think Bolas would allows such a thing to happen again? Tetsuo Umezawa took a cheap shot, and only eliminated Bolas' body. Bolas' mind was still intact and he is/was powerful enough to recreate his body and regain his lost power.

This is another thing to factor, how does one truly defeat Bolas? At this point is it even possible for him to die?

February 8, 2017 3:45 p.m.

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Hey I just noticed you were online. Would you care to take a look at my deck? I intend on giving you proper inspiration credit when I type up the description.

Zur the Immortal

February 7, 2017 10:07 p.m.




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