This is the Epic of Daxos. Proper formatting will come soon. This is my favorite deck to play in paper, all cards are the correct printing used in the paper deck. The first EDH deck I ever made was a Enchantress Homebrew, this is the spiritual successor to that deck.

The idea of the deck is to slow down your opponents, until you combo out. Simple enough.

Win Conditions:

Leonin Relic-Warder + Animate Dead / Dance of the Dead / Necromancy

Get LRW into your Graveyard, bring him back with one of the Enchantments. As LRW enters the battlefield, target the Aura that brought him back. This Exiles the Enchantment, you then have to sacrifice LRW due to the Enchantment leaving the Battlefield. As LRW leaves the Battlefield, the Enchantment returns to Enchant LRW again. Infinite loop.

How does it win?

- Grim Guardian Infinite Constellation triggers from the Enchantment entering the Battlefield.

- Blood Artist / Falkenrath Noble Infinite damage from LRW dying. Also stops your opponents from doing their own infinite death shenanigans.

- Cruel Celebrant / Zulaport Cutthroat Infinite damage from LRW dying.

- Altar of the Brood Infinite Mill from EtB of LRW and the Enchantment.

- Altar of Dementia Infinite Mill from Sacrificing LRW.

- Blasting Station Infinite damage from Sacrificing LRW.

You will naturally draw into some piece of this combo. Which I use for the win is usually dictated by opening hand and first draws. Redundancy is here for consistency, and the ability to combo with missing pieces. All pieces used here can also be used with the next combo.

Bomberman Combo!! Auriok Salvagers + Lion's Eye Diamond = Infinite Mana

-This combo is simple. Have AS on the board and LED either on board or in hand. Cast LED, sacrifice LED to produce 3. Use the 3 to use AS ability to bring LED back to hand, repeat the process for infinite , then do the same thing for infinite .

How does it win?

- Altar of the Brood Infinite Mill from LED entering the Battlefield.

- Blind Obedience / Crypt Ghast Extort each time you cast LED from Hand giving you infinite drain.

- Daxos the Returned is an infinite mana sink in our Command Zone. Daxos' tokens will work with all of the pieces from the LRW combo. Grim Guardian does damage on each token entering. You can also use Underworld Coinsmith which will give you the infinite life that you can use with the infinite mana to do infinite damage. INFINITE!!

If for some reason you have pulled this off, and haven't won, you can wait a turn to kill everybody with your tokens. You can also use one of the sacrifice outlets to kill off your tokens, doing damage/mill for each.

Helm of Obedience + Leyline of the Void

Allows you to Exile an opponents entire Library. Pay to the Helm while you have LotV on the Battlefield . Your opponent has to put 1 card into their Graveyard, but as LotV is Exiling those cards, the Helms ability doesn't resolve and repeats itself. The combo stops itself when the Library no longer has any cards in it, thus preventing the combo from going unstoppable infinite and causing the game to end in a Draw.


Razaketh, the Foulblooded - Can be forced out early with Reanimate + Entomb / Buried Alive . Buried Alive can also put two other creatures into our Graveyard. Razaketh works really well to find our combos, and the primary LRW combo can be used with Razaketh to find missing pieces. Daxos can also feed Razaketh if you need.

Enlightened Tutor / Demonic Tutor / Vampiric Tutor / Grim Tutor / Imperial Seal

Other Card Choices:

Agent of Erebos - Graveyard hate we can trigger at any time from Daxos.

Aegis of the Gods - Protects you from Discard effects, Burn effects, etc. You won't be casting spells on yourself, so no harm comes from this. Experience counter, protection, sacrifice.

Aven Mindcensor - Stops your opponents Tutoring, extremely useful. This even shuts down Fetch Lands, which is really good.

Aura of Silence - One sided tax effect.

Blind Obedience - Stops combos that require tapping, slows down your opponents mana rocks. Functions as a Win Con with Bomberman Combo.

Crypt Ghast - Gives us big mana with Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth . Functions as a Win Con with Bomberman Combo.

Contamination - Turns all land mana to . Can be supported by Daxos, or Bitterblossom .

Erebos, God of the Dead - Prevents opponents Life Gain, and serves as emergency Card Draw.

Eidolon of Rhetoric / Spirit of the Labyrinth - Both serve as important Control cards to slow down our opponents. We can get an Experience counter from both, and if we need too, we can sacrifice for tutoring with Razaketh, or use another sac outlet so we can combo off. Also included over Rule of Law because creatures are much easier to get rid of when we want to combo.

Leyline of the Void - One sided Graveyard hate. Rest in Peace / Planar Void both hurt us and stop our combos, so we go with the only one sided effect we can. Functions as a Win Con with Helm of Obedience .

Authority of the Consuls / Linvala, Keeper of Silence - Slows down our opponents.


Smothering Tithe + Revel in Riches - Testing Smothering Tithe for mana ramp, and Revel in Riches provides a Win Con with it if need be. RiR can be tutored out before Upkeep with Academy Rector .

Notable Exclusions:

Ad Nauseam - I am testing the deck without it. Angel's Grace / Sickening Dreams / Silence

Aetherflux Reservoir - Combo with Life Gain, but the combos in the deck already win without it. If I included cards like Soul Warden it could work, but then it's just adding more pieces to make a killing combo.

Deck is constantly being tested/updated, and I review all of the new sets for new cards. The deck list may be different than the last time you looked at it.

You can own this deck!! The price might seem daunting, but once it gets broken down, it becomes much more reasonable.

As of writing this, 11 April 2019, the price of the Precon is $72 with shipping. If you buy the singles of the cards that are included in the Precon, you will spend $31, including the Commander. It is up to you to decide if buying the Precon is worth it, and if you can/want to sell the cards we aren't using. We are only using 10 cards that are in the Precon, not including Basic Lands. Singles are usually the way to go.

The first step of building any deck, check your collection. If you have bought other Magic products, there is a good chance you already own some of these cards. Printing of the cards is irrelevant, they all function the same. If you already own the Precon and just want to upgrade it, that's $31 saved already. Regardless, you can mark any cards you have off of your purchase list, the deck just got cheaper!!

The next step are the cards I recommend buying because they go in 99% of the decks you will build. The prices might be high, but it will be rare when you don't include one of these cards in your deck. You don't have to buy everything all at once, a Magic collection is something you build over time.

-Chome Mox (EMA) $38 - Lotus Petal $11 - Mana Crypt $230 - Mox Diamond $230 - Mox Opal $100 - Sol Ring $4.50 - Fellwar Stone $2 - Most of the time, this will be better than a Signet. - Ancient Tomb $23 - Command Tower $2

-Signets, Orzhov Signet is the only one used in this deck. All of the Signets were reprinted with the new border in Modern Masters 2017. You can pick up a matching set for $8 or you can go for the full set in Foil for $34. Style has never been so cheap!!

-Fetch Lands, seven are used in this deck. All Fetch Lands were reprinted with the new border in Khans of Tarkir and Modern Masters 2017. You can buy the four Khans Fetch Lands that are in this deck for $111, or you can buy the full set for $150. You can buy the three MM17 Fetch Lands that are in this deck for $170, or you can buy the full set for $335.

-Check Lands, some of the best lands in Commander. Only one is used in this deck, but you should buy a full collection. You can get the one included in this deck for $5.

So what cards do you need for this deck? While all cards can be used in other decks, I will count everything that is valued $10 or more and isn't a universal staple. Anything $10 or under is something you will probably already have, or will be able to trade for. This will give us a better picture of what this deck costs, and doesn't factor some of my Premium printings.

- Land Tax $25 - Weathered Wayfarer $14 - Phyrexian Arena $12 - In the Precon, so if you already own that, you already have this!! - Dark Confidant $70 - Sensei's Divining Top $29 - Scroll Rack $55 - Erebos, God of the Dead $13 - Toxic Deluge $25 - Possibly the best Board Wipe in Commander. - Reanimate $11 - Razaketh, the Foulblooded $15 - Necromancy $10 - Lion's Eye Diamond $230 - Remove the Bomberman Combo, and you save a lot of money. - Leyline of the Void $60 - Helm of Obedience $27 - Linvala, Keeper of Silence $20 - Smothering Tithe $13 - Academy Rector $60 - Enlightened Tutor $28 - Demonic Tutor $30 - Vampiric Tutor $70 - Grim Tutor $240 - Imperial Seal $225 - Contamination $20 - Bitterblossom $35 - Scrubland $195 - Original Dual Land, only for the people that can afford it. - Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth $15 - Serra's Sanctum $125 - Not actually needed. Way over priced, only included because I already own one. - Cabal Coffers $45 - Actually gets more use in other decks, absolutely not needed here.

Many of those cards have cheaper alternatives or can be cut for budget reasons. The speed of the deck will slow down, but this would be a Meta choice. Can you cut Bomberman and still get consistent wins? Save that money. Use cheaper tutors, etc.


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