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Standard USA Control: (Suggestions requested)

Strategy: Use burn and board wipe to keep control of the early game. Mid-game use planeswalkers and Steam Augury to gain card advantage and maintain until finishers hit the table.

Card by Card:

Aetherling/Elspeth : Finishers

Anger of the Gods/Supreme Verdict : Board wipe (obviously)

Chandra, Pyromaster : Primarily for her 0 ability to push through the deck essentially getting 1 more card a turn, but other abilities add some versatility.

Cyclonic Rift : one of my favorite cards, can be used early game in a pinch of save for a board reset on opponent late game.

Detention Sphere: Primarily to deal with non-creature permanents that make it to the field

Dissolve/Syncopate: Counters (obviously)

Azorius Charm: Versatile card all great options

Jace, Architect of Though : Just a badass, drop turn 4 against aggro deck for huge damage reduction, and his mini fact or fiction if the board is under control.

Magma Jet : Early game control, plus the scry to dig for what you need, plus combos well with Chandra

Sphinx's Revelation : Late game card advantage

Steam Augury : Midgame card advantage (considering adding more)

Warleader Helix: Burn/Lifegain

Assemble the Legion: Possibly pull out of sideboard for another win condition?

Edit: Izzet charms removed for Azorius Charms Dropped Ral Zarek, Warleader Helix added


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