This is my Dimir deck I put together. I am excited to play with it during FNM and I am trying to make it as competitive as possible.

There are 2 win conditions, one being to mill my opponents deck so I win the game, or to hit them hard with any of my creatures with the help of Artful Dodge.

I feel that Artful Dodge is amazing in this deck because if I can do a little early damage, and get either a Lazav, Dimir Mastermind or a Consuming Aberration I can use Artful Dodge to hit them hard and fast.

The beauty of Artful Dodge is that if I want I can mill myself so I have a chance to flash it back. If I do plan on doing this I would make sure to have a Dimir Charm in my hand as well.

Tamiyo, the Moon Sage Is great for her -2 ability is brilliant in the current playset.

Also Nephalia Drownyard is amazing.

Please +1 if you like it! and enjoy the game folks!


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