Watch out for the Goblins? Just finished a marathon of LoTR and this seemed appropriate :P

Hellrider noble with Grafted Exoskeleton , Contagion Clasp and Pyroclasm uncommons

The idea is to get either Hellrider or Hissing Iguanar infect, via Tainted Strike Grafted Exoskeleton or Phyresis, and pump their abilities with goblin weenies!

Needs some work still, it relies too much on a good starting hand.

Suggestions much appreciated!


-2 Dark Ritual, -1 Pyroclasm, -1 Phyresis. +2 Dimir House Guard, +1 Desperate Ritual , +1 Hellhole Flailer .

Most spells only use B so I don't need to make 3, more room for the red. Hellhole Flailer seems more useful than pryoclasm. Thanks graft for the suggestions! I'm determined to make this work... and tie further into LoTR if I can :P


graft says... #1

I tried a similar deck back when Scars was in Standard and I could never get it to work, it's just so awkward when you draw too many Phyresis effects or draw stuff in the wrong order. Maybe a couple of Dimir House Guard could help since they can transmute for the Grafted Exoskeleton , act as a sac outlet, and hold the fort on offense or defense. And I suppose they're a little bit like the ringwraiths from LotR? A little? Just me? Okay.

April 5, 2013 10:36 a.m.

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