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A mono-green Pauper beatdown list with unblockable dudes and amazing speed. This deck was a gift from my friend (an all-around amazing dude), Crivaro. In his words:

Nettle Sentinel just goes nuts with everything! Never forget to untap him & that by untapping him you can play some things for free and even block. skargan pit-skulk is probably my favorite in this deck. he is nearly unblockable with some Bonesplitters (or other boost). Ezuri's Archers are in for the neat trick they do with flyers (especially Delver of Secrets  Flip), I even thought about Hidden Spider (but it would be 80% useless maindeck). Silhana Ledgewalkers & Young Wolf are just really good greatures - and Safehold Elite and Hunger of the Howlpack have a nice interaction (it even triggers morbid when it gets his -1/-1). The 1-of Shinen of Life's Roar won some games in playtesting. It removes everything with damage or gets the rest through. Vines of Vastwood is probably one of the best boost spells for green.

In retrospective I saw a deck online using Garruk's Companion over Ezuri's Archers and they included some quirion rangers. Those would be great! They generate mana if you miss a land-drop (tap mana, get back, play again, tap) and even untap creatures after an attack as an instant, which drives your opponent nuts. Also they could untap your opponent's creatures so they need to block Shinen of Life's Roar . Well, I wish I woiuld've though of Quirion Ranger before I ordered cards :)

Also, if you want: you can change Safehold Elite to Wandering Wolf . Give this deck a try! Wish you much fun with it. I really hope you like it.I have to say, I am a big fan of this deck! It has lots of tricks to keep the opponent guessing, and the unblockable nature of the creatures gives the deck some great closing speed. I probably will trade the Ezuri's Archers or Young Wolf for Quirion Rangers for their utility. Garruk's Companion is certainly a great card with all of the pump spells so he is another good choice. Playtesting has put up impressive records so far.

+1's for Crivaro and comments please!

Click to view the full decklist, handwritten and drawn by Crivaro:
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Thanks Crivaro!


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