Whats scary than a horde of rats? A horde of rats that just keeps getting bigger :D

As soon as I read the line "You can have any number of Relentless Rats in your deck" I just had to find out if that worked for commander. Turns out, it's totally legal :D So here it is, the swarmiest, rattiest rat deck that ever ratted.

Highlights include:Thrumming Stone which basically say "play one Relentless Rats, put all of the other ones from your deck onto the battlefield too". Ooh booy is that fun.

Ogre Slumlord continuing the rat swarm as the horde advances, whilst buffing all of his ratty friends.

Ratcatcher because before the slumlord, there was this guy. Usually unblockable beater that tutors for rats every turn? Yes please.

Twinning Glass pump those rats out, faster!

Pack Rat because it's not just standard black devotion decks that benefit from this little powerhouse! Whilst he doesn't add to the swarms power, he benefits from it immensly.

and the commander himself, Marrow-Gnawer! at the cost of one rat, my army doubles and as the evil icing on the cake, they all get Fear!

Assembly Hall + Locket of Yesterdays both provide a small benefit, so I'm debating just dropping them in favor of more Relentless Rats, or utility rats like Nezumi Graverobber and Nezumi Bone-Reader.


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