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Rakdos Reanimator + Removal

Pauper BR (Rakdos)


Here is my cycling-themed take on the Pauper Exhume deck. The goal is simply to cycle big fatties as often as possible until you can either A.) Pull them back out with Exhume or B.) lived until turn 5 & dropped enough land to just start hard casting. I brewed up this take on reanimator as a way to apply pressure throughout the game and to fold less easily to counterspells compared to the Ulamog's Crusher + discard Exhume deck. On turn 2 you can hold up a Terminate, have a hasty Spike Jester, or have just reanimated a 5/6-drop. Later in the game you can keep hard casting big beaters and turn your Lightning Bolts from removal to reach and finish out the game.

The preferred starting hand includes 2 basic lands (1 swamp), 1 exhume, and 1 Horror of the Broken Lands. Then you're working with an easily pumped 4/4 on turn 2, Exhume gives your opponent nothing, and you're ready to go.

All suggestions welcome :)


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