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Quark games THS-THS-THS draft 1/15/2014

Sweet R/G monstrous deck, with Satyr Hedonists and Karametra's Acolyte to ramp into fatty things (of which there are lots!).

This deck is capable of some awesome nonsense. For example:

  • turn 2 satyr hedonist, turn 3 nessian asp/stoneshock giant

  • turn 3 flash in boon satyr, turn 4 bestow leafcrown dryad, attack with 6/4

  • turn 4 ill-tempered cyclops, turn 5 bestow boon satyr, attack with 7/5 trample

  • turn 4 polis crusher, turn 5 bestow boon satyr, attack with 8/6 trample

=====UPDATE 1/23/14:


  • 1x Mountain
  • 1x Minotaur Skullcleaver
  • 1x Karametra's Acolyte


  • 1x Forest
  • 1x Nylea's Emissary
  • 1x Ill-Tempered Cyclops

=====UPDATE 1/17/14:


  • Dragon Mantle - It doesn't actually do anything for me other than replace itself, since I always have mana sinks already and all my trample guys are monstrous.
  • Spearpoint Oread - I don't need first strike because all of my guys are already huge. I never want to play this as a 3-drop and I already have enough expensive stuff.
  • Nylea's Emissary - I'm disappointed at the performance of this card. I guess it's still good, but not in this deck. I would rather have another Ill-Tempered Cyclops that I can cast for 4 and then monstrous later. It's nice that this is a sort of 2-for-1 if you bestow it, but it's dead in your hand until you get to 6.
  • Fanatic of Mogis - I already have enough 4 drops, and I don't think I have enough red to make this worth it. I'd rather have more green guys to boost my disciples and acolyte, and I'd probably rather take an Ill-tempered Cyclops over this. 2 toughness is a real liability.


  • Agent of Horizons: Curving out is important. I want to rely a little less on the satyr hedonists.
  • Destructive Revelry: I wanted a spot for this before but couldn't find it. This has lots of good targets--any bestow creatures, and it also kills weapons too (spear, hammer, bident). It's also instant-speed which lets you get blowouts in combat.
  • 2x Sedge Scorpion - Great for holding off the ground while I get my monsters online and lets me attack with impunity. Also works well with Time to Feed, and gives me something to do on turn 1, or sometimes with the extra mana from Hedonist when playing a 4-drop


22nd/23rd card considerations:

Agent of horizons - Because it's a 3-drop.

Destructive Revelry - Instant speed enchantment removal for 2 with upside is nice. This also hits weapons (spear, bident, hammer), which is even better. I think it's worth maindecking if I have room for it.

Sedge Scorpion - Doesn't do anything proactive for me, but it's so useful to have in this set, and it synergizes nicely with Time to Feed.

Rage of Purphoros - Don't really like running it, but I want to have answers and ways to interact with whatever they happen to have. Useful as an answer to flyers, wingsteed riders enchanted with hopeful eidolons, etc. In emergencies we can also cast this on turn 3 using Hedonist, for example if we're up against a wingsteed rider or agent of the fates.

Dragon mantle - I like it because it fixes any awkward bumps in my curve. Frequently I open with Satyr Hedonist and get to 5 mana on turn 3 but only need to spend 4 mana (note the abundance of 4-drops). It also has nice synergy with the extra red mana from Hedonist. But sometimes I really don't need the extra mana sink that this gives me, since I already have enough monstrous guys.

Ill-Tempered Cyclops #3 - I already have enough 4-drops, but maybe I want even more to spend my mana on.

Sideboard options:

Shredding Winds - Against blue decks with flyers.

Fade into Antiquity - Against troublesome gods (thassa, purphoros).

Ill-Tempered Cyclops #3 - Replaces Sedge Scorpion if they have a lot of first strike (two-headed cerberus). Replaces Destructive Revelry if I don't see any targets.


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