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Hello all. I recently started playing MTGO and have been playing pauper affinity in the Tournament Practice lobby a ton. I've taken a great liking to the deck. There are two obvious downfalls to the deck: consistency, and how easy it is to sideboard against (some of the most efficient commons ever printed are simply artifact hate cards (gorilla shaman, ancient grudge)). This is deck is entirely an experiment in an attempt to slightly alleviate these problems. Here are my card explanations: I chose a sunchaser version of the deck, as opposed to a disciple version. Disciple is a great card, but I sunchaser allows for a much more focused mindset of "put stuff on the field. start beating." Having white also gives us access to porcelain legionnaire. Many people are unsure of the power of porcelain legionnaire, and I completely understand; he is a one-of in this deck, because as you may see, I cut down our number of seat of the synods to 3, so I could add a plains. This is because thoughtcast is arguably the least important affinity card as-far as our beatdown plan goes, so I'd like to begin the land experiments with its color.

The 2 mountains and 1 island are entirely an experimental attempt to make the deck less horrible against artifact hate (we also run a lot of red). However, we hardly decreased our total number of artifacts as we are running 3 instead of 2 flayer husks (any other 1 drop artifact will do), and 1 porcelain legionnaire. It is my attempt that shifting the creature base to more artifacts and the land base to less artifacts may improve our matchups post-board. Let me know what you think


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