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The Idea is pretty self explanatory

Lots of cheap control to hold down the early game while the zombies amass. Can lead to a simple win with just damage. Or Alchemist comes out and the Milling begins.

Can use Bone Splinters on the Alchemist if I a mass enough zombies to kill him with damage. Geralf's Messanger, and Gravecrawler work well with Bone Splinters again.


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Right so took to FNM came 8th, I have since added 3 Cyclonic Rifts, realising i need a board cleanser, and more bounce, than I need Index. Having now tested it against my friends Vampire Deck which came 1st, and another friends U/R Delver. It works much better now and is more competative. It can now win purely with Zombie beatdown, as I can hold the board long enough, and the Alchemist, has lead to some spectacular wins. One of the best was have 25 Zombies, and unsummoning the Alchemist and Swinging for 50 dmg !.


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