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Mono-Green... MILL?!?!

Modern Budget Mill Mono-Green Ramp



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A goofy little idea I came up with recently. One of my friends had a green defender-ramp deck back in Zendikar block that ramped up to eldrazi creatures. Figured I would use the same idea, but for an oddball mill deck. Because really, who expects mill as a win condition when you see the guy dropping forests all game? XP

Example primo defender ramp:

T1: Forest + Traproot Kami

T2: Forest + Overgrown Battlement

T3: Forest + Axebane Guardian , tap Overgrown Battlement for 3 G mana, play Sands of Delirium .

And from then on it's mill at least six per turn. The Howling Mine s and Rites of Flourishing simultaneously keep my hand full while helping my opponent run through their deck. Decimator Web makes a good backup win-con, putting the match on at most a 10 turn timer. Garruk Wildspeaker is mostly to untap land for some extra pump into the Sands of Delirium , but between being able to drop 3/3 tokens and some Fog s here or there, I can defend my defenders. (Go figure, right?)

As always, +1's and feedback, the more the merrier!

P.S. - Seeing as these two cards pop up in the recommendations after every comment purge, I'm adding them here as NO-NO CARDS: Keening Stone and Tree of Redemption . I am NOT interested in them for this deck. Any OTHER comments or recommendations are welcome, though! Thanks everybody!


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Hey everyone! After a brief hiatus from Magic (and a slightly longer hiatus from this site), I've gotten back into the hobby. After noticing how many old comments were left down below, I figured I would do this quick update and clean up the old clutter.

You may notice in the recent changes that I've finally locked the decklist down where I want it, having added the Walking Archive s in long ago but forgetting to update the decklist on the site. As a note, Walking Archive was the only non-Green color identity card I was willing to include in the deck, because it synergizes sooooo well with the deck's primary strategy of Defender Creatures + Card Draw/Mill. To be clear: I do NOT want to add any other non-Green cards to the deck, in order to keep the (technically) mono-Green theme a priority. Any other recommendations or ideas are welcome, of course.

As a final note, it was rather pleasant to come back to Tapped Out after such a long hiatus to find this deck still seeing a lot of love on the site. Does a 'brewer proud!

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