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Modern User Specialties (Jan. Banlist Update)



This is a list of the different archetypes in Modern, and which users can be considered specialists in them. For information on the different archetypes, please refer to the Modern Primer made by users around the site and put together by chiefbell.

8-Rack: Ohthenoises

Ad Nauseam: gnarlicide, Happymaster19

Affinity: GoldGhost012, aeonstoremyliver, bijschjdbcd

Allies: Nef, JLenzen

Blue Moon: ducttapedeckbox, elpokitolama

Boggles: NoviceMagician

Control: JexInfinite, bijschjdbcd, CanadianShinobi, kyuuri117, CommanderOfBolas, GabeCubed (Esper, Grixis), Atony1400

Death and Taxes: elpokitolama

Delver: chiefbell, elpokitolama, SwaggyMcSwagglepants


Eldrazi: DevoidMage (Processors), GoldGhost012 (Heartless), elpokitolama

Elves: Suicidebring3r, rothgar13, rorofat

Enchantment Prison: GeminiSpartanX, Runlue, Happymaster19

Gifts: slovakattack

Goblins: rorofat, Duckling

Grishoalbrand: Jay

Grixis: TheAlexGnan

G/R Tron: NoPantsParade, TARDIS_Lover

Hatebears: Ryotenchi

Infect: GlistenerAgent, mtgThaen

Jund: Scorprix, Putrefy, chiefbell, gnarlicide

Junk (Abzan): chiefbell, aeonstoremyliver, GeminiSpartanX (Wilt-Leaf Abzan)

Living End: JexInfinite, Ryotenchi

Loam: DevoidMage, Jay

Mardu: VampireArmy

Merfolk: slovakattack, Mortem, mathimus55, rothgar13

Mill: FAMOUSWATERMELON, GeminiSpartanX, Atony1400, godofthenight

RDW/Burn: quesobueno123, ThisIsBullshit, aeonstoremyliver, Coinman1863, Runlue, GeminiSpartanX, Atony1400

Restore Balance: Jay

Rock (Golgari): chiefbell

Scapeshift: GlistenerAgent

Skred : 6tennis

Soldiers: Happymaster19

Soul Sisters: JexInfinite

Storm: Matsi883, elpokitolama, bijschjdbcd, GabeCubed

Tokens: xzzane

U-Tron: Ohthenoises, Saljen

Vampires: TheBoraxKid

Zoo: rothgar13 (Gruul)


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