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I am very good at Jeskai control.

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People play Death's Shadow instead. It's a more resilient version of Infect. In a new metagame Infect is a good choice, so keep that in mind when people start testing new ideas.

Fatal Push hurt the deck a lot, though.

August 5, 2017 11:46 p.m.


Venser is a versatile counterspell/unsummon with a clock. Clique is a powerful Peek with a 3/1 flying body. Clique is a very good card but I prefer Venser because he affects the board which can turn a bad situation into a better one. Clique turns a neutral situation into a likely better one. There are more cases where you need to get out of a bad situation than needing to prevent something from happening.

Molten Rain has changed to Spreading Seas. I liked Molten Rain for the bonus damage but since I've already got a ton, I don't need it. Spreading Seas grants a draw and screws mana, which is likely going to be better for us than dealing some extra damage. There are some decks where Molten Rain is better against, but they're not very big in the meta.

Runed Halo is good against Storm and combo decks, but I figure it's better to not rely on a 1/40 chance of having the right card at the right time and better to use the sideboard for stronger cards.

On Cryptic, I'd say the contrary. 3 is the highest you should go. Cryptic is a very powerful card but it can't get you out of all bad situations. Running 2 Cryptics means we'll probably have it when we need it, and probably won't have it during the early game where it's bad. Generally you can last through 5 turns with a decent hand and end up with a Cryptic to effectively win the game.

Helix is very underrated and Electrolyze is a free win against small aggro decks.

August 5, 2017 11:44 p.m.


I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid you can't do that.

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