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Lifecrafter's Bestiary and Dusk to Dawn

Standard Budget Competitive GW (Selesnya) Midrange Primer Tokens



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This deck is built for Dusk / Dawn and Lifecrafter's Bestiary, every other Mainboard card is a creature with a power of one or two that costs only one or two mana. The deck will reliably play a bunch of quick creature threats followed by a combination of these over-powered card advantage effects. Every creature is a potential must-kill threat that's good in multiples and great in the early game at building up a defensive wall against aggro or at getting early damage in against Control.

The Win conditions are Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter and Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip, the other creatures can get some damage in, but are really meant to just defend and trade profitably while you dig for the real threats. Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter and Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip both scale with the game and make a token every turn, so for example if you untap with one of each along with any two other creatures in play then you'll flip Westvale Cult Leader  Flip and be making a 1/1 Human token every endstep as you pass the turn with five mana open for Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter to make a 5/5 colorless Construct creature token at instant speed. Next turn you may make a 7/7, then a 9/9... It's a wall of creatures that can go bigger then a Metalwork Colossus deck. Plan A is to make giant tokens with Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter. Plan B is to draw extra cards with Lifecrafter's Bestiary or Dusk / Dawn to get back to Plan A.

Lifecrafter's Bestiary is wickedly powerful here with nothing but cheap creatures, scry 1 every turn before you draw is such a massive bonus, you can pretty reliably find either a land or creature as needed. This deck can often draw two or more extra cards a turn. In multiples Lifecrafter's Bestiary draws ridiculous numbers of cards every turn.

Finally Dusk / Dawn is what it's all about, it can be played to destroy most of the opponents creatures without touching yours, then later it can return any of 35 creature cards out of the 75 to your hand. Timing is everything with this, but it's almost always a card you want in the deck. This lines up really good against decks like Zombies and Constrictor that go wide and pump their team to 3 and more power.

Thraben Gargoyle  Flip is a lot of what this deck wants to be doing. Importantly, it only costs , so it combos with Lifecrafter's Bestiary for cheap card draw and the 2/2 creature body can often hold off or trade with an attacking creature. Stonewing Antagonizer  Flip is sometimes a thing, an unblocked 4/2 flyer can end a game pretty quick after you've cleared the way with Dusk / Dawn or by tapping their flyers out of the way with Fan Bearer or Stern Constable . I expect the format to make this 2/2 body much better then a 1/2 Thraben Inspector which is an alternative for this spot.

Narnam Renegade - a one-drop creature that reliably holds off attackers until it trades for profitably for something. Don't worry much about Revolt, there's nothing in the deck to help trigger it, it's good enough just as a 1/2 deathtouch for one.

Sylvan Advocate - a two-drop creature that almost always holds off attackers until it trades for something good. This has nearly perfect stats for this deck! It's cheap enough for Lifecrafter's Bestiary, then when you decide to play your 6th land this becomes a 4/5 with vigilance that can attack the turn you cast Dusk / Dawn. Reliably good for both offense or defense as needed.

Selfless Spirit - a two-drop creature that trades for removal or provides the assurance of an indestructible wall of creatures. A bunch of indestructible 2/2's and deathtouchers can trade for a lot of attacking creatures. Take this out against Walking Balista .

Stern Constable and Fan Bearer - one-drop creature bodies that can hold off the biggest attackers or trade for a removal card. Two of each makes them so much better, they are too expensive in multiples it's much better to draw one of each since they use different resources. Stern Constable is effectively free to activate in the late game when you need it and the option to put a Dusk / Dawn into the graveyard is sometimes what you'll want to do.

Trueheart Duelist Has been preforming well for me against aggro. It's a two-drop that almost always trades profitably against aggro creatures.

Manglehorn is great value sometimes. It combos with everything, but I don't always add all three because it's only good after the opponent plays their big artifact.

Key to the City breaks through the stalled board-states you'll encounter facing decks that go wider. Key to the City gives even more card selection, getting you to making giant unblock-able creatures even more reliably.

Heroic Intervention shuts down most removal and is also a powerful defensive combat trick. I like this against Midrange and against some specific hate cards, but not against the never ending removal of a Control deck.

This deck can play an impressive amount of power/toughness in the first few turns. Thraben Gargoyle  Flip into Sylvan Advocate can't be beat on turn two. Turn three play any one-drop and Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip and the opponent basically loses without a removal spell.

This deck is very competitive considering the low budget and is diverse enough to play against any random strategies. Test it out and let me know what you think, thanks.


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