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Izzet Wizards (War of the Spark)

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With burning prophet and especially dreadhorde arcanist i think this deck can be something in the new standard, so I have made an initial decklist.

This deck is not meant to be hyper-aggressive. It is more of a midrange deck with huge interaction and card advantage engines that ends games in very explosive ways with Adeliz, the Cinder Wind and Burning Prophet . From testing I have found it to be very flexible and it does not feel like it has very bad matchups as the sideboard enables bringing in from Wizard's Retort , Kasmina, Enigmatic Mentor and Saheeli, Sublime Artificer against control to Fiery Cannonade against mono-white, token and aristocrats strategies (the deck is built so that fiery cannonade never kills any of your Wizards). I haven't played against wilderness reclamation so far though, but I think it wouldn't be too bad.

Some comments on the cards:

  • Adeliz, the Cinder Wind : The card that will pump our team and enable explosive turns. We really need him to stay alive even though it's a 2/2 for 3 mana, but that is why there are stormtamers in the deck and cards such as dive down or spell pierce. Against mono-red or shock decks we should make sure to cast it with extra mana to pump it in response, just in case.

  • Dreadhorde Arcanist : This is a really strong card advantage engine that we want to use as much as we can. It only has one power without any adeliz pumps, so we want to make sure to include some 1cmc instants and sorceries in the deck (I have opt, shock and warlord's fury, which will give us extra draws or remove blockers, but I'm not sure what is the critical mass, will need some testing). With Adeliz pumps, we can return lava coils, wizards lightning or even chart a course for draw two, which is just AWESOME. Hoping that this would happen often.

  • Burning Prophet : another new war of the spark card that will be pumped by spells and provide A LOT of scrying, will help us find (or filter) adeliz, other wizards, spells and lands. I think this creature and dreadhorde arcanist are a pretty strong value package that will help a lot setting up the big turn, we need to remember that this is bit of a combo-ish style deck like Izzet Phoenix/Drakes and the scry will give us more consistency.

  • Siren Stormtamer : No need to explain much about this one. Mostly to protect adeliz and dreadhorde arcanist, but also a cheap wizard with evasion which is great.

  • Shock / Wizard's Lightning / Lava Coil / Beacon Bolt / Reckless Rage : removal and burn. Shock and reckless rage have 1 cmc for arcanist to recycle.

  • Opt / Warlord's Fury / Chart a Course : Cantrips and card draw that make dreadhorde arcanist a card advantage engine. Chart a course might be a bit awkward as we prefer it post-combat and that does not work that well with Adeliz, but on the other hand getting to re-play it with arcanist sounds like a dream.

  • Spell Pierce : I made it a 2-of because it´s not a spell that you want to be casting pre-combat, but they can work really well.

Hope that's an interesting deck to you guys! I'd love to have any positive or negative opinions and commets on the cards that you would change :)

Edit: I tested it a little and it felt like stormtamer is not as good as a standalone threat so I reduced them to two. Burning prophet seems pretty strong, it´s the only 'offensive' wizard apart from adeliz and the scrys felt so impactful. The first strike from warlord's fury also seems quite relevant against other creature decks.

Cheers! Pau


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