Just took 20 damage to face no, problem. Want to deal 20 to the face go a head. Need to draw ten cards, or maybe thirty. Feeling generous? Let your opponent draw instead. With this deck, you can be in mana heaven.
So pick it up at the nearest store. This deck uses an infinite mana combo with Axebane Guardian + Freed from the Real

You can use this absurd amount of mana can be spent on Banefire for tons of damage and most likely an instant win. Other methods include but not limited to Blue Sun's Zenith for a two way win ether the draw their entire library plus one or add in a Laboratory Maniac for some fun. Or Genesis Wave for your library and get everything.

You can get all the life and craws you want with Staff of Domination plus the infinite mana combo.

and here is a fancy list of the cards

Axebane Guardian is part of the mana combo and ramp

Drift of Phantasms can find any piece of the combo I need

Fog Bank is a all around great blocker

Overgrown Battlement can help the mana combo and ramp

Sylvan Caryatid any color ramp

Blue Sun's Zenith can have the oppent draw out or combo with laboratory maniac

Collected Company is to help reach the defender count

Condescend might as well say counter scry 2

Remand is a great early delay card

Banefire kills them

Genesis Wave puts the entire libery on to the battlefield

Freed from the Real is the mana combo

Staff of Domination is for life and draw


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