A hyper-aggresive human tribal deck that should also be somewhat decent in later turns.

Doomed Traveler and Odric are last-minute filler and subject to be replaced. That aside, they both seem pretty good for this deck.

Manabase should ideally let me be aggressive right from the start and not get in the way of my spells too much. My extreme budget (Champion of the Parish is in this deck because I already own a playset) unfortunately means I have to stick to the nonbasics I have, but Evolving Wilds and Selesnya Guildgates are perfectly doable (their speed seems like a serious drawback for this deck, unfortunately). Want Forests for T1 Pilgrim and Plains for the fact that most of my cards are white. Number of lands can change, considering cutting a Plains.

1-drops: Champion is obviously good, Pilgrim helps me go crazy out of the gates and helps Increasing Devotion be a thing, and Boros Elite shouldn't have much of a problem getting battalion triggered. Doomed Traveler's filler like I said, but a creature that gives you a flier that triggers Mentor when it dies...not bad.

2-drops: Lord, lord/beatstick, and token-maker. I don't see anything getting cut here.

3-drops: Mentor of the Meek helps me stay aggressive without running out of gas / helps me recover post-boardwipe. Slight anti-synergy with Mayor (might make a creature too big to get the draw effect), but worth it anyway. Considering running 3, since while I really want to draw him, I don't really want to draw 3 or more. Oblivion Ring is flexible removal, not sure I want to run all 4 though.

Odric: Pros - Fits the curve and makes my creatures unblockable / other shenanigans. Cons - Unimpressive post-boardwipe, costs 4. "Fitting the curve" in a deck that's just drawing via Mentor lategame doesn't feel like that big a deal anyway. Replaceable.

Increasing Devotion: Flashback cost is unplayable here, but I guess any flashback is a threat vs really boring control decks. Main point: it costs 5 mana (ick) for 5 1/1 humans. That makes Champion and the lords go absolutely crazy.

Maybes: Daring Skyjek is 3 often evasive power for 2. Selesnya Charm is pump+removal (that kills Obdezat!)+yet another creature. Charm's hard to cast T2 but I probably don't want to anyway. Fiend Hunter is worth serious consideration, being creature removal that's also a human. Thraben Doomsayer isn't very aggro but helps the deck keep moving (and if that fateful hour works out, whoa.)

...I completely forgot Glaring Spotlight was a thing. This deck gets crazy amounts of power on the board very easily and very quickly, so mass unblockable could be worth the mana and cardslot. Although compared to Odric, I'm not sure.

Numbers of cards on the maybeboard are semi-random, but I have some reason for a good amount of them.

Sideboard: Very inexperienced with sideboards, but this seems like a good start. Nearheath helps vs other aggro, Rest in Peace is just mean vs the right deck. Maybe Nevermore? Also Riders of Gavony is freaking scary, suddenly making a good amount of your opponents' creatures unable to block anything. Rootborn Defenses is a terrible sideboard idea (indestructibility vs boardwipe! also a token I guess) vs control but I might as well mention it anyway.

Open to feedback, as long as it's not something stupid like "run 4x cavern".



landstalker10 says... #1

I know linking another deck might be a bit taboo. However, please look at what I have done. It is simple and effective. Odric, Master Tactician really is a later game win. Champion of the Parish and Mayor of Avabruck  Flip eat creature hate. Leaving most of you decks main power assualting your apponent being Hamlet Captain and Frontline Medic

Anyways here is the deck

Modern Naya Humans Aggro

Hmm I need to change the name since I dropped red. Red was only giving haste and I figured that Lightning Greaves would do the same

February 26, 2014 4:56 p.m.

landstalker10 says... #2

Cheaper(price) haste items Ring of Valkas , Swiftfoot Boots

February 26, 2014 5:02 p.m.

landstalker10 says... #3

Increasing Devotion slows this deck down to much. 2 Cavalry Pegasus fits better and gives you more.

Mentor of the Meek also slows you down more than it gives you. Consider 2 more Cavalry Pegasus and 2 Swiftfoot Boots .

Oblivion Ring is nice, however, this belongs in the sidebar with 4 Fiend Hunter . Pacifism might sound silly, but its faster and leave more mana for you to drop stuff with and to keep pressing your assualt.

Consider Adding one more Odric, Master Tactician .

Never underestimate weaker cards that temporarily remove creatures. These are huge for you. Rush is like poking a little here and a little there with a solid I WIN card at the end. Here it is Odric for the I WIN! the rest is just poke poke poke.

If you are wanting a lot of humans, Try white/green/(splashed red) for Thatcher's Revolt


White/Black token rush With Gather the Townsfolk , and Xathrid Necromancer . Nice combo with the human token generators.

February 26, 2014 6:31 p.m.

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