This is the list I made up for Gameday and a GPT I am playing the same day at my Local Card Shop.

I put in some Skullcrack over another creature because I like having a little more burn available if I find my self board locked.

I feel good about my mainboard but my sideboard is what I am having trouble figuring out.

I like Pithing Needle to not only deal with the AEtherling's I am sure to encounter but other annoyances such as Witchbane Orb

I am choosing Madcap Skills over Volcanic Strength becuase I like the one extra power it gives me.

Traitorous Blood seems like the best option of the three or so cards like it available to me but I am unsure.

And while Ash Zealot works well as graveyard hate I want to have another option available to me just in case. That or Elixer of immortality .

Please give me your feedback.

Edit: I realized too late that Pithing Needle does not interact with Witchbane Orb I wish it did because i want to dedicate some side board space too it though.


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So Yesterday i played a GameDay in the morning at my local shop followed by a GPT for GP Vegas.

Was Gameday Champ when 5-0-2 the 2 ties where chops to get me into top 8.

Placed 9th at the GPT.

I was unable to procur Ghor-Clan Rampager's in time for gameday so i used 2x pyrewild shamen and one Ash Zealot in its place.

Also took out Stonewright in favor of Flinthoof I did not like the change initially because I wanted this deck to not resemble the alreadyw inning formula for Gruul Aggro, but I had to relent and let common sense take over. I do not regret going in that direction either.

Was able to get the Ghor-Clan Rampager's I need for the GPT so I swapped out the pyrewild shamen's and 1x Ash Zealot in favor of those. They helped in some cituations but did not win me games like Hellrider or Traitorous Blood did.

Either way this is the final list for this deck and likely will not change much except maybe sideboard and if something crazy good and fast comes out in m14.


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