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Description? DESCRIPTION?!?

v. 2.0

That's gotta hurt...

A tempo mill deck that works by running counter disruption. It gets around Leyline of Sanctity, and shows a lot of potential as it evolves.

The Main Wincon

Chronic Flooding and Mesmeric Orb (Hence, the Name)
When paired with Mana Leak, Stubborn Denial, Downpour and Remand, they force the opponent to choose between countering their badly needed spell or milling.

As stated, the deck is tempo, so take your time and set up your mill engine and only counter anything that immediately threatens your life total or Mesmeric Orbs.

Hedron Crab is one of my favorite 1 drops., Feed its landfall ability with Evolving Wilds, Oboro, Palace in the Clouds, and/or Ghost Quarter.

Ghost Quarter is versatile in this build, it allows for the destructionn of land that isn't enchanted with Chronic Flooding ; can be used as mana fix; but is usually used to for a possible setup for Archive Trap. Trap is the only mention of direct mill here.

Field of Ruin is a touch better than Quarter, because it forces a ramp search for all players.

3x Manic Scribe in here as I have a hard time getting Delirium early in the game but do their part with an ETB effect, continuous mill later, and decent toughness for chump blocking.

Jace's Phantasm- A 5/5 flyer is a great blocker, and a serious turn 2 threat and alternative wincon. Also makes a hard counter out of Stubborn Denial. BOSS in any mill deck.

Jace Beleren is in here to offer draw when mana is needed against aggressive boardstates. He can take abuse if the opponent is attacking him, as long as it isn't you, this could buy you a few turns.

Jace, Memory Adept is a permanent worth protecting- for obvious reasons.

Since the deck is tempo, draw was a problem in early testing, after some consideration, Thought Scour speeds up the process to make Visions of Beyond max-effective, right when it needs to be.

The maybeboard consists of cards that may be added in the next update (or two). Thank you all for the feedback and suggestions. It's hard to decide sometimes as the mono U card pool is riddled with workable mill and utility cards. A lot of suggestions have been offered and it's dizzying sometimes. So, please be patient and follow me if you like, for updates to this and other Mill decks.

The sideboard switches gears a bit by splashing W in the deck. Offering another layer of protection to a deck that has no lifegain mechanic. Only two Plains are added in place of Islands. Since this deck is mono U I can keep the deck budget without expensive shock, fetch or pain lands through Evolving Wilds and Ghost Quarter.

Hurkyl's Recall- Against fast moving Affinity decks that pump out thopters and game long problematic creatures like Etched Champion.

Surgical Extraction- Graveyard hate for nonbasic lands, GY Shuffling Eldrazi, and any other problematic card that you or your opponent puts there.

Oppressive Rays - A heavy taxing Prison card. Also targets activated abilities!

Path to Exile- Spot removal and additional tool to trigger Archive Trap.

Any help and suggestions for the sideboard is greatly appreciated, as I am not strong in sideboard strategy. Thanks ahead of time!

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Updates Add

After some very helpful advice and a TON of card suggestions, I've rolled out v 2.0 only two days after v 1 came out.

The deck is feeling more solid control-wise. The mill has been good but spotty, hopefully the addition of 2 Jace Planeswalkers will fill the draw and mill holes.

Please playtest and leave feedback!
Thanks again, all!

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