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Modern Competitive Control Mill Mono-Blue Tempo


"This deck is a real..


A static-mill tempo deck, that uses counter disruption while making the opponent mill for routine turn actions.


As for piloting, take your time, and set up your mill engine and only counter anything that immediately threatens your life total or board advantage. The skill of the deck comes from being able to assess incoming threats, based on meta and intuition, and surgically time tempo spells to minimize damage and maximize time, to get the job done.

Mechanically speaking, place the mill permanents on the field, and simply tempo the gameplay. The mill engine is automatic. Just pay attention to your mana availability, and calculate risk when bouncing/countering.

Hedron Crab mills your opponent as you play lands. Works well with Oboro, Palace in the Clouds, and Deprive.

Drowned Secrets mills for every blue spell you cast. Which adds insult to injury as you tempo.

Jace's Erasure mills for your draw, and works right along Serum Visions and Remand.

Mesmeric Orb makes everyone, everywhere, mill for untapping everything; which makes the simple tempo mechanic frustratingly effective.

Fraying Sanity, mills for every card put into the graveyard for any reason, every turn. These stack; 2 of these in play and cast Dream Twist, is 12 cards milled in total.

Despite having no other appeal in a competitive mill deck, Dream Twist actually synergizes silky smooth into this build. A nice 1 drop procs both Fraying Sanity and Drowned Secrets. It's Flashback ability helps if you lose them to self-mill through Mesmeric Orb, or need a spell to flip Thing in the Ice  Flip.

The tempo is 50% counter-based with:
Deprive, one of my favorite hard counters, which works hand-in-hand with Hedron Crab and Halimar Depths.

And Remand, which works well with both Mesmeric Orb and Jace's Erasure.

The other 50% is bounce, consisting of good ol' Unsummon and Vapor Snag, and balanced out with Thing in the Ice  Flip.

TITI sets a 3-turn clock; is a decent blocker; and it's easy to flip.

NOTE: Considering Boomerang, for non-creature and land suppression. Thoughts?

Any help and suggestions for the sideboard are greatly appreciated, as I am not strong in sideboard strategy. Thanks ahead of time!
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Check it out!

Kept the name even after dropping Chronic Flooding , as the tempo aspect of this deck is still, for a lack of better words, a kick in the balls!


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