Sex tribal in EDH

Hi, I decided to make an EDH deck based on the art of the cards and not the text. I chose sex/BDSM to be my theme because I thought it would be funny, yet also challenging to build. Gwen, Gwendlyn Di Corci , Is the commander I chose. In the lore, she has kinky sex with people; see Handcuffs . All the other cards here are chosen because either they have a woman with cleavage, Lyzolda, the Blood Witch , they show a dominatrix, Soul Collector , or its a sex toy, Whip of Erebos , their flavor text, Rakdos Keyrune , or they show some kind of sexual innuendo, Serum Visions . I love suggestions, thank you for reading, any up-votes are appreciated. BTW Rakdos the Defiler is daddy.


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