This deck is all about flying creatures, and boosting them. And considering the huge amount of Flying-related cards in the game, even only in W/U and colorless, cards were not eady to pick!

I've tried to put a good mix of powerful/useful creatures for each mana cost, from a couple of Ornithopter to Goliath Sphinx.

Enchantment have also an important place in this deck, most notably Sigil of the Empty Throne. It will trigger whenever you cast a Serra Aviary or a Gravitational Shift, comboing pretty well.

Moat would have fit well, but the card is much more expensive than its Magus.

Then a few cards like Deluge or the Moat will take care of opponent's non-Flyers.

So, which card did I miss?

UPDATE 18/11/2019: After some rework, the theoretical optimal start would be : turn 1 : 1 Judge's Familiar turn 2 : Pride of the Clouds (3/3) turn 3 : 4 Cloud of Faeries + Favorable Winds That's a 2/2 and a 7/7 with Flying turn 3, with 4 more 2/2 Flying ready to block



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