Judge's Familiar

Judge's Familiar

Creature — Bird


Sacrifice Judge's Familiar : Counter target instant or sorcery spell unless its controller pays

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Judge's Familiar Discussion

Jackfrost23 on Fogger

2 weeks ago

Martyr of Sands , Ranger-Captain of Eos , Judge's Familiar , Blossoming Calm , Isochron Scepter . If you go with Isochron Scepter you might also want Angel's Grace . You might want to upgrade your mana base. Gideon of the Trials is good. The deck looks great though.

TheVectornaut on

2 months ago

Unless you're playing with some funky homebrew rules, your commander does have to be a legendary creature. For bird tribal, Kangee, Aerie Keeper or Kangee, Sky Warden would be the most obvious choices. Also, Screaming Seahawk does not get around the singleton restriction in the same way something like Relentless Rats does. Even if it did, I still don't think it would be worth running over the much faster Squadron Hawk . More relevant inclusions might be Watcher of the Spheres , Warden of Evos Isle , Soulcatchers' Aerie , Migratory Route , Wingmate Roc , Aven Mimeomancer , Emeria Angel , Favorable Winds , Kangee's Lieutenant , Judge's Familiar , Steel-Plume Marshal , Battle Screech , Skycat Sovereign , Pride of the Clouds , Sephara, Sky's Blade , Jotun Owl Keeper , Windreader Sphinx , Aven Gagglemaster , Thunderclap Wyvern , Jubilant Skybonder , Rally of Wings , Eyes in the Skies , Alrund's Epiphany , Aerial Assault , Rise of Eagles , Door of Destinies , Herald's Horn , Dovescape , Gravitational Shift , Kindred Discovery , Call to the Kindred , Serra the Benevolent , or Seaside Haven .

Looks like my comment is now a little redundant here, but hope the seconded advice still helps. Good luck!

Neotrup on Stacking spells... timing of using …

2 months ago

I'll go a little more into the actual answers, as Raging_Squiggle provided the relevant rules. You aren't able to sacrifice any Judge's Familiar s to counter Rings of Brighthearth due to the fact they can only target an instant or sorcery spell.

Assuming they were casting Fabricate instead (a sorcery of the same mana value), you'd be able to sacrifice a Judge's Familiar , see if they make the payment, then sacrifice another if they did. This follows 117.4 letting a spell resolve, then 117.3b (giving the active player priority) -> 117.3d (that player not doing anything) -> 117.1b (you being allowed to activate another bird)

Alternatively you can sacrifice multiple Judge's Familiar s because you retain priority after sacrificing each one (as 117.3c says you'll get priority immediately after activating the first one). While how you thought you had to do it is an option, it's a bit less optimal as your opponent can see their spell is getting countered and opt to not spend any additional mana, saving it for another spell.

CamraMaan on Stacking spells... timing of using …

2 months ago

D'oh! I initially had the Judge's Familiar countering Rings of Brighthearth , but tried to dumb down the question to streamline it, and forgot to change the other "Rings" in there, which should be referring to the (now) Suture Priest .

CamraMaan on Stacking spells... timing of using …

2 months ago

For ages, I've been under the impression that once the stack starts to resolve you can't add back to it, but recently I was told different, so I need more clarity.

Say I have four Judge's Familiar on the battlefield, and my opponent has five available mana and casts Suture Priest , which I intend to counter using my eyrie of Judge's Familiar . I've been under the impression that in order to guarantee I counter the Rings spell I would need to sac and put all four Familiars on the stack before anything resolves. But I learned that I can do each separately...? Wait for one to resolve, see what my opponent does, then use another if needed? Additionally, I was informed that I can't stack them anyway, without someone else adding to the stack first, because once I put one on the stack the permission has to go around the circle before I can do anything else, and once it gets back to me it resolves before I can do anything anyway... is this correct as well?

TheVectornaut on Blight Rider

2 months ago

If you're looking for a 1-drop, Battlefield Raptor , Cloudfin Raptor , Judge's Familiar , Mausoleum Wanderer , Siren Stormtamer , and Wind Zendikon would be my shortlist of suggestions. The birds are on the weaker side but have potential in a tribal-focused build. Wanderer interacts with Dungeon Geists but is otherwise probably less useful than Stormtamer. The mutant and Zendikon have the greatest aggressive potential if you can work around their drawbacks of needing follow-up plays and being a land down, respectively.

amicdeep on

8 months ago

i don't think Pteramander is the correct option hear, (not enough instant and soc) Faerie Seer would proberbly work better. also add 4 Favorable Winds

Mausoleum Wanderer is also a better Judge's Familiar and most of the time better than Jubilant Skybonder. its also triggered by the eagle so worth running 4 of him

a single Moorland Haunt also makes sense

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