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pie chart There's one, set for stun (Help Wanted)

Modern Aggro RG (Gruul)


Set for stun on your opponents and blast'em

Here is a list of why stuff is there:

Arbor Elf are simple mana dorks.

Bonfire of the Damned is for board wipe (:

Flayer of the Hatebound works great with all of undying and is the working force of removal.

Hellrider is to get more points to your opponents face.

Rancor is one of the best reprint/misprint ever. Works great with Strangleroot Geist on turn 2 with help from the elves

Stangleroot Geist is the most annoying 2 drop ever with exception of Coral Eel

Ulvenwald Tracker is the leader of removal and is amazing with undying.

Vorapede is a huge blocker and huge attacker and with Flayer of the Hatebound it can kill most creatures.

Young Wolf is a great one drop. ( A friend suggested Rakdos Cackler in place of it because it gives me another creature that can become a 4/2 with tramps on turn 2. Still open to the press tho.)

Garruk Relentless  : Its small removal and then it can tutor for creature cards i need.

Domri Rade: Still in play testing mode.

Clan Defiance : I found i need more removal and this fits the bill perfectly because it can hit your face and some creatures. Mini-bonfire if you will.

Comments and +1's greatly appreciated


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I suppose i should have done this awhile ago. (:

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