This is Storm Crow half of the DD: Crow vs Imp. Duel decks are a pair of non-competitive decks, made to battle against each other with pretty equal chances to win. Most cards are singletons to minimize boring repetitive games and add variety and replayability. I tried my best to maintain a strong thematic picture in each deck.

Something in your chimney... (DD: Crow vs Imp) - Imp deck.

BUT REALLY, these decks are a prank gone wild. One time I have this tingling wish to make joke decks around The Memecards, and then I find myself fervently searching the database in order to create serious Duel Decks around the themes of said memecards. Now the decks are actually serious (however improbable that sounds when used in regards to Storm Crow and Chimney Imp), albeit a little underpowered.

Crow deck features various Birds, both ordinary Birdies and antropomorphic Aven. Some clerics partial to Storm Crow religion support their Lord on the ground. Spells that operate the weather such as Frost Breath are used by Storm Crow to delay his enemies.

Take the side of the Storm Crow and lead his forces to victory in this epic fast-paced battle of ultimate awesomeness!


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