This deck isn't a conspiracy theory, just pure Madness. With an engine of Conspiracy Theorist and Rielle, the Everwise turning discards into free cards alongside tons of draw power and cards that feed off draws, you'll go through more library than that guy the CIA sent to assassinate JFK (because he was on the grassy knoll, duh).


Faerie Vandal , Irencrag Pyromancer , and Improbable Alliance collude with Rielle, Theorist and the draw spells even more seamlessly than Trump with the Russians. With plenty of ways to trigger these on both your and the opponent's turn, your opponent will be buried in a golden shower of value.


Like Hillary Clinton's friends at the pizza store, our cabal needs some help from little hands. Shock and Stern Dismissal give some cheap ways to interact with the opponent's board or just send a burn to the opponent's face when discarding to Theorist. Ravenform is barely legal age and offers flexible removal for bigger threats, which can be hard to find in Izzet - sorry, Prismari.


Every good conspiracy theory needs tons of low-effort content, and this deck does not disappoint in that regard. Opt gets things started with a cheap way to trigger the "when you draw your second card" crew on your turn as well as another 1 CMC option for Theorist. Thrill of Possibility does serious work for a common, fueling both the discard and the second-card draw triggers on the opponent's turn. Magmatic Channeler is a nice early defender that can trigger discards at your convenience and dig for lands or needed spells, and it won't take long for it to be a 2-mana 4/4. The Royal Scions handles all the triggers you could want on your turn.

For the really hardcore devotees, we need some more hard-hitting content as well to at least make it sound smart. That's where Ox of Agonas comes in, as he makes for nice discard fodder in the early going before rising from the grave cheaply and hugely to refill your hand and trigger everything, including potentially-massive draws with Rielle.


Meaningless facts and figures give the impression of a well thought-out conspiracy theory, so here are some for this deck:

24: The number of cards in the deck that literally "draw" cards in some way, not counting Magmatic Channeler , so we can keep the theory going strong no matter what the doubters throw in our way.

17: The number of cards that feed the discard side of the strategy so Theorist and Rielle can generate card advantage turn after turn and snowball ahead of the opponent.

11: The number of cards that interact with the opponent's board, so we can clear the path for Theorist and fend off the opponent while the value engine picks up steam.

4: The minimum toughness that an opposing creature needs to have if it even wants to have a prayer at surviving when Irencrag Pyromancer is on the table. This card can single-handedly lock down a game against aggro or other creature-based decks, especially with the draw power finding multiples and other burn spells for fatties.

2: The number of lands needed in the opening hand to basically make it a snap-keep due to all the draw power and low curve, hence why there are only 20.


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Haven't played hardly any ranked this month as I've just been brewing, playing sealed, etc. so my sorry ass was still sitting at Gold heading into today. Decided to give this deck a quick spin to see how it fares in BO1 ranked, and while the competition will obviously ratchet up in future ranks, the early returns were quite promising.

Overall it went 6-1 before reaching Platinum and calling it a day, including 2 wins against rogue mill which you might think would be a problem for this deck given that it plans to draw half of the cards anyways. However, in both I was able to keep their Ruin Crab s off the board with removal and power through the opponent's removal via card advantage to snowball into a winning board state.

The only loss was a rematch of another Izzet deck that I had previously beaten - I'm pretty sure it was literally the same player - which seemed like kind of a "good stuff" deck that was able to close the game out with a few counterspells.

Good run though! I really like the consistency of this deck as you see so many cards that you're bound to draw what you need eventually. One card that has been especially impressive is The Royal Scions , as it not only is a perfect synergy piece but also can just take a lot of abuse for a 3-drop planeswalker due to the 6 loyalty it starts with after the first plus.


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