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Naya D & D (Dwarves and Dragons)

Standard RGWU


Rotation proof Dwarves that can (potentially) be improved upon with upcoming sets.

While it's light on turn one plays, it also gives a safe spot to play tap lands on turn one as well having very explosive turn 3 pay offs and many many combat tricks.

While the list resembles Raphael Levy's Gruul Adventures, it does something all its own by foregoing the adventure side with and all in treasure strategy. The treasures allow for off color plays, as well as some dragon tutoring at your leisure. You can use cards like Sudden Breakthrough post tutoring for Velomachus to swing in for 7 and net a free Turntimber Symbiosis   and if your opponent Wrath's the board this build gives a huge chance to refill your board with creatures. If you're not too keen on cutting out Eldraine cards yet, cut the Liberator and add Rimrock Knight cut the Fumarole for other removal of your choice or add Orvar, the Allform for more token shenanigans.

Hope you enjoy the deck.


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