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Artifact-creature deck that is aggro-control. I am also running this deck for the art it has in it; it's some of my favorite!

I know that I'm basically sacrificing ability to cast creatures quickly with the couterspells taking up so much mana.

I do like the control with Ethersworn Canonist. This can work in my favor, especially that this is an aggro deck, so that I will be able to cast as many artifact-creature spells with no problem, and keeping the opponent from casting other spells that aren't artifacts except for one. This magic number of one is that which I can easily counter each turn.

Mana-counter Control with Mana Leak with Esper Sentinel and Oppressive Rays and No More Lies and Spell Pierce.

If they pay the mana, fine, that's good because I am tying up their mana usage. If they don't pay the mana, that's good too, because it will remove it. The fact that it works out for them later in the game isn't a probem; i'll still tie up the mana in usage if they ever want to use it.

Also, Delver of Secrets   and Sorcerous Spyglass and Mishra's Bauble is really useful in this deck, with that and Peek working optimally to give me the heads up before anything occurs so that I know what to do with my mana if I need to use a counterspell or not.

Is it really worth it to have this hand-awareness?

Also, Peek and Mishra's Bauble and Defiant Strike all give me card draw not to mention their other abilities.

Arcbound Javelineers are to remove creatures with 1 toughness or less while I am starting the game with them.

Skrelv, Defector Mite is useful for its protection from color as well as granting toxic 1 and unblockable. This for a 1 mana card is crazy good.

Pairing toxic with creature power and protection from color and unblockable with Defiant Strike makes for a strong creature.

In balancing my deck, I don't want to draw lesser or more than my drawing a counterspell. This means that my 13/70 for both creature spells and counterspells individually is a nice ratio. I have a lot of lesser mana cost cards as running 3x because if I have 4x of Ethersworn Canonist it will matter that much more.


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