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Leonin Squire Esper Shenanigans

Pauper Artifact Control WUB (Esper)


A deck that I initially took inspiration from a post on MTGsalvation, from a user by the name of Darkninja107. Esper seems like an incredibly fun thing to build around and this looks like a unique list so here we are. This is my first pauper list so any help would be appreciated.

I am debating reworking the deck too include other costed artifacts and drop the leonin aspect of the deck, as Sanctum Gargoyle, while it costs more mana, grabs any artifact from the graveyard.

I'm debating if going up on the sorceries that add creatures and artifacts back from the grave, and going up on the sanctums would be worth it for the inclusion of Cogworker's Puzzleknot

Implement of Malice

Wizard Replica



Aelipile seems kinda mediocre, but doesn't tap my creatures like burning torch does.


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