Why not Jund energy in pioneer.

Let's talk energy. A mechanic that was huge in standard and now feels like it's gone the way of the Dodo. But wait, can it be brought back?!

Ehhhhh that remains to be seen. But here's an attempt nonetheless. Instead of banking on having tons of energy, this went a low to the ground route that uses energy but doesn't outright rely on it. So this is a aggro to midrange deck that can survive on limited energy from it's damage output.

You'll notice some specific missing cards, winding constrictor and longtusk cub. Constrictor, while good, is a support card that you don't attack with because you want it to build energy. In this deck it would sit there and maybe eat removal but ultimately waste a turn. Longtusk cub needs winding constrictor to be really good. Yes I realize voltaic brawler is a bit iffy but an almost guaranteed 4/3 trampler feels better than a 2/2 that can become a 3/3 and if I'm lucky a 4/4. I don't have the energy to sink into him to make him more useful unlike brawler which I intend to have for a couple turns at most.

Otherwise I feel confident on all the decisions and need to hash out the sideboard. Obviously there will have to be testing and maybe some things will change but this feels like a good starting point.

Also if you are wondering if Lathnu Hellion is worthwhile then you haven't been on the receiving end of a multi lathnu hellion beat down.


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