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Just a brain-child brew that I want to be good in Standard. The fact there's an infinite combo waiting and no one has used it to effect is what drives me to make this list. I'm not grinding any Standard Circuit, so any suggestions are appreciated! Feel free to share and upvote! I'm going to try this, and a Naya version Naya Bellowing/Ballista Combo

So there is a few things which could happen. But 1 Bellowing Aegisaur and 1 Walking Ballista are required.

From there, we could get another of either. Hard casting, Saheeli Rai, etc.

--If we get another Bellowsaur; we can ping between the two and have an infinitely strong board. I prefer to declare Graham's Number --

--If we get another Ballista; then hopefully we have a way to make Bellowsuar indestructible for the win- or else we can just get some mightily large Ballistae and do some real damage

With all the cost reduction and protection involved in the casting, I feel it should be possible


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