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Hello everyone, Kuri here with my first deck that I will be posting. The deck that I have to show is a Red/White Solider deck.

Why I made this deck? I've never have worked with Red and white before so I thought why not try it? While seeing what cards I have in my collection it was mostly soldiers in ex: Akroan Hoplite Haazda Marshal So I thought "Why not soldiers? I can beef em up with certain enchantments and ability's"

Most of the soldiers in this deck cost 1-3 mana to cast, even though they are not powerful at first they can be if you beef them up.

How to win with this deck if everything goes out well? If you play most the soldiers in the deck with Akroan Hoplite Captain of the Watch Boros Elite Dictate of Heliod etc, your creatures will be beefed up due to your enchantments if you play them midway of the match, I also forgot my other card Obelisk of Urd you can use to beef them up, especially with the card's "Convoke" Ability you can possibly get it out on the 3-4th turn if you get a good hand.

You have options to go for one big swing at once, either A board wipe,(Note this an example if you get the perfect hand] that is when Unbreakable Formation which you play first and then Cleansing Nova then go strike at once with your soldiers. B You can also beef a selected amount of creatures to attack with Desperate Stand And with Desperate Stand's ability "Strive" you pay another red and white mana to let that ability effect another target you control, So you can have two-three creatures with +2/+0 ,vigilance and first strike.

The cards that are in this deck can work in a both offensive, or defensive way for example Got a swarm of squirrel's coming at ya with your token's next turn? Fear not Deafening Clarion is there use both of the abilities, choose both, kill the squirrels and all your creatures gain lifelink? I see that as an absolute win!

Some cons in the deck I would Like to reconfigure over time,

One: more card draw, for the amount of low mana cards in this deck I'll be playing stuff quickly which I may have to wait to do everything that I desire.

Two: More tokens, I want more tokens on the field. I was thinking on putting Elspth, Sun's Champion to counter that. Even though I do have a few token summoners ex: Lena, Selfless Champion . But if I have more tokens I can have both a good offense and defense.

I hope you enjoy this deck list, I do and its quite fun to use. This deck is still in the works, I dont mind opinions/ tips/ suggestion on what I should do to deck, any information and tips are always helpful!

I'm also new to the community fun fact, so howdyy


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