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Dragons,Speed, and Control

Pioneer BR (Rakdos) Control Dragons



This is a Brutal Speedy Control deck. the goal of the deck is to rapidly deny enemies their resources through discard tools like Kolaghan's Command, Thoughtseize, Demogorgon's Clutches, and Angrath, the Flame-Chained. while you are forcing the discard you are also planning to kill your opponent's creatures with kill tools Draconic Roar, Bloodchief's Thirst. Then, after your first few turns of pure control and resource denial, you will quickly drop down your giant dragons that defend themselves by throwing Lighting Bolts at your opponent whenever they try to target them. the last goal of the deck is ending the game like any Red deck loves to do by having Dragonlord Kolaghan hit the ground and either kill your opponent on the spot or through your kill and discard tool kill them through her ability since they won't be able to build a board. Urabrask, Heretic Praetor is in the deck but mainly in the sideboard for control or midrange mirrors so you go faster and they aren't able to hold onto their tools over many turns and quickly fall into only top decking.

If anyone has any more ideas for the deck I'm all ears I'm trying to make a cruel deck that isn't fun to play against but fun to play because of the meta and power level of my Pioneer store.


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