So you take what was Standard Cacophony and you add 4 x Thoughtseize and it becomes Historic Cacophony

Mono-black was always my favorite back in the day when I ran Hecatomb in everything. Demonic Embrace is awesome old school beat downs, imo, so I'm going to make it work. Im trying to stay with the recursion theme and stay low and get out of the game while the Demonic Embrace's power level is still high.

The most effective way to win with this is get Hateful Eidolon down quick and start slinging the 1 and 2 drop enchantments and drawing cards. Demonic Embrace on either the spirit or Nullpriest of Oblivionto attack over-the-top and gain life. I usually hold Lurrus of the Dream-Den back until I can cast him and play something from my graveyard on the same turn or if I suspect a board wipe is coming. But, if there's on opportunity to start recurring the enchantments with 1 or more Hateful Eidolon in play, I take it. The payoff is huge.

Aphemia, the Cacophony is kind of a secondary win-strategy. If I can't get the first machine running, she can start cannibalizing the graveyard. Tymaret Calls the Dead can combine with her really well. She also works great alongside Lurrus. I can pick and choose which enchantments I want to recur and which to eat.

Murderous Rider for everything that gets away from us. Rankle, Master of Pranks is a very useful utility tool and his haste comes in handy often. It's fun to sacrifice a Nullpriest so you can bring him back later with kicker and get Rankle back if they kill him.


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