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Be Wary of Bouncing Blades and Baubles

Pauper Artifact Midrange RBW (Mardu) Sacrifice Value Engine



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I'm kind of mashing two different decks together, both with the idea of bouncing and replaying artifacts to gain incredible value. Ideally, you want to be bouncing Tithing Blade   to make sure your opponent doesn't have a board, but Thraben Inspector, Novice Inspector, Lembas, Experimental Synthesizer, and even Thorn of the Black Rose all provide value when bounced and replayed. Since we'll have so many artifacts around, card:Glavanic Blast and Deadly Dispute provide even more benefits. And Lightning Bolt to both clean up more creatures, or just dome our opponent with them to finish the game.

Maybe I'm stretching both strategies slightly too thin, but I'm willing to bet that it'll be solid.


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