This is a casual wall deck built with WR. Some of the key components include: - ???

Notable Exclusions: - Fortified Rampart , Guardian Zendikon , Perimeter Captain , Teyo, shieldmage - these are all just cards I'm thinking about

Card Draw and Enchantment/Artifact Removal:

Win Conditions:

This deck wins in two different ways,

  • Vent Sentinel - Obviously it first builds up a bunch of walls to stall out the board and then can use Vent Sentinel to do direct damage, whittling down the opponent.

  • Brion Stoutarm - This card allows you to sacrifice another creature and do damage equal to it's power directly to the opponent. Granted, walls are notably rather weak, but that's why the deck has Glyph of Destruction and Righteousness in it. They allow you to, at instant speed and for low mana, make a wall huge before throwing it at your opponent.


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