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So this is my orzhov control deck that I built for fnm last week and I actually did pretty good with it. Its not exactly a tournament crusher but I went 3-2 which is good for the lgs I go to considering most people go 4-1 and rarely 5-0. It got crushed by an elf deck 2-0 that just got to many creatures early so that was sad. I also lost to an affinity deck 2-1(honestly if you play affinity i will literally burn you alive if i see you outside of fnm)

The big thing I was tossing around was wether or not to trade out yahenni's expertise for languish since it is -4-4 but the utility of casting a spell 3 cmc or less was debatable to be better. And death pit offering might be a good include in place of ob nixilis considering it helps sac my abyssal persecutor and +2+2 for all my creatures.

How the general theme of the deck works

so basically the object here is to use cards that are non-creature but can turn into creatures like Myth Realized and Shambling Vent to be able to protect my board from opponents sorcery destroyers and to make it so Smallpox has the ability to not affect my creatures. And doing the classic orzhov thing to discard, destroy, and annoy your opponents to death.

Some really underrated but good cards that are here is Hostile Desert that really is a beast in this deck. considering I can usually get 2-3 fetches into the graveyard, this can usually swing about 2-3 times a game and can also crew heart of kiran for more damage in the air.

Abyssal Persecutor might be the most controversial card that some people wont understand is here without really playing the deck out. With the card smallpox and other destroy creature spells, you can beat down your opponent pretty quick and destroy it for the win more often than an opponent has an answer for it. and with death pit offering, it could be another sac outlet for it.

Now this deck for sure is not a t1 best in the world dominate the tournament deck but it is cheap, its efficient, and is a different, but fun deck to pilot. It might be a fun deck to play with a friend or to teach someone a good start to playing control and learning when to play what.

I might make this into a more expensive version up to $200 but I like how it is now.


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