OPPONENT: "Daddy, where do douchebags come from?"

YOU: "Well, when a Discard deck and a Burn deck love each other very much..."

This abomination can be explained in three simple steps:

STEP 1: Target your opponent's hand with discard spells or target their face directly with face melting spells.

STEP 2: Your creatures get triggered.

STEP 3: Your opponent gets triggered because your creatures got triggered and also no cards.

Begin by picking apart your opponent's hand until you can play Guttersnipe or Thermo-Alchemist. The more the better. A single Guttersnipe will add serious power to Lightning Bolt and Bump in the Night, while your alchemists will add consistent damage pressure to your hand disruption pressure.

Thoughtseize, Wrench Mind, Ravenous Rats, and the all-star Collective Brutality will seriously limit your opponent's choices. Multiple Raven's Crime were also added for consistency, as well as for unbelievable burst damage when paired with Guttersnipe and pals.

Terminate makes for good removal as well another damage trigger.

I'm still considering The Rack as well as that other rack-like enchantment, but I'm worried they might detract from the intent of the deck in the wrong amounts.

As always, feedback and suggestions are always welcome!


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