Creature — Atog

(0): Chronatog gets +3/+3 until end of turn. You skip your next turn. Play this ability only once each turn.

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Chronatog Discussion

VantiS on Chronatog Protection

6 months ago

You need 5 mana: W, U and 3 whatever. Cast Teferi's Protection , after it resolves cast Chronatog . You're gone, but the Atog is still there. With cards like Burgeoning and/or Vedalken Orrery you even can still play without having a turn. This Deck sounds like fun (when all the stars align).

Omniscience_is_life on Tymna Sakashima No Turns

7 months ago

Forgive my ignorance, but I don't see how you're skipping your turns. No Magosi , Chronatog / Other Chronatog , Chronosavant , Eater of Days , Lethal Vapors , Meditate , or Wormfang Manta in sight!

kpres on Card creation challenge

1 year ago

Debtor's Gambit


Choose a number and an opponent. That opponent may discard that many cards. If they don't, and the number is less than or equal to the number of cards in that player's hand, draw that many cards and lose that much life instead.

Make a card that makes Chronatog viable. Now you want to skip your turns.

ShikiTen on And I Skip. . .My Turn

1 year ago

Hey, this is a pretty cool idea here. The list looks solid. Seeing as you're trying to skip your turns fairly consistently, perhaps Eater of Days would help your strategy. With Chulane, Teller of Tales and Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir on the field, along with anything that untaps your creatures every turn, you could theoretically never have a turn. Sure, it's not as good as Chronatog's ability to never have a turn, but it could serve as a backup.

Some other "skip turn" cards that could be worth running are Waterspout Elemental and Meditate.

Patron of the Moon, while having a high converted mana cost, can help you to play lands on your opponents' turns, if that's something that interests you.

+1 from me though on this awesome list!

TheSimikBOat on Advertise your deck!

1 year ago

I hope that someone has time to skip some turns...

How about a magic trick?【Skip My Turns Primer】

Commander / EDH TheSimikBOat


Yassssss, that magic trick is about skipping your own turns! Meet the Chronatog team :)

And I hope you like it.

DistortionSlayer on What's an Atogatog?

2 years ago

Aswell as the legendary Chronatog See Chronatog + Stasis

Skjoldschoennemann on THE GOD CROW(cEDH Storm Crow PRIMER)

2 years ago

Leveler, Eater of Days, Chronatog.

Maybe Awakened Amalgam with all the different lands you play.

Also consider some or all of the staffs (Staff of the Wild Magus, Staff of the Death Magus etc.) and if you want to go the lifegain-route, you can play Well of Lost Dreams, and the amazing Juju Bubble.

Aladdin's Lamp also gives you some serious card advantage.

Maybe also some clash-effects, cause your mana-curve and land-to-nanland ratio is on point!

IAmTheWraith on

3 years ago

If you are looking for a wincon, I can help you out there...

Stasis+Chronatog+Frozen AEther= infinite Stasis lock

+Blue Sun's Zenith= Kill a player

Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir+Knowledge Pool= Your opponents can no longer cast spells

Of course, theres also the ability to deal combat damage with all the creatures you are making...

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