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Aluren combo. I've wanted to play with Aluren for so long. And what better way to do it than this? I already owned a lot of the tutors and silly creatures and I saw that LP Aluren were selling for $15, which surprisingly cheap for a playable RL card.

Deck inspired by do you like FREE STUFF? (2 CMC avg Aluren combo).

The ideal game starts with a lot of ramp. If a hand doesn't have any ramp then it's almost always a mulligan. Because we can draw cards with Thrasios, it isn't really possible to have too much mana. We'll eventually draw into what we need.

Once you have your mana it's time to assemble a combo. There are a lot of tutors in the deck, but the most important by far is Recruiter of the Guard . You almost always want to tutor Recruiter of the Guard .

There are 3 combos included in this deck:

Aluren + Recruiter of the Guard : I'll get to this combo down below

Devoted Druid + Vizier of Remedies : This gives you infinite green mana. Make sure you have an extra blue available so you can play Thrasios and draw your deck.

Aluren + Cloudstone Curio + creature with useful ETB (such as Coiling Oracle ). This gives you infinite ETB's. Ideally this results in drawing your deck or looping a tutor effect like Spellseeker or Recruiter of the Guard . You can also just kill the opponents with Arctic Merfolk + Parasitic Strix .

This usually takes 2-3 turns, but this is the long route if you only draw 1 tutor. If you get multiple tutors or draw combo pieces it can be a lot more efficient.

Note that all of the following steps can be done for free.

At this time you have Aluren in play and Parasitic Strix and Cavern Harpy in your hand. Now you can do the classic Aluren combo.

  • Cast Cavern Harpy and let it resolve. Put the 'return a blue or black creature' trigger on the stack. It doesn't target, so we don't need to pick a creature until resoltion. Hold priority with the trigger on the stack.
  • Cast Parasitic Strix (with the trigger still on the stack). Put the gain life / drain life trigger on the stack and resolve it.
  • Now let that Harpy trigger resolve and return Parasitic Strix .
  • Pay a life to return Cavern Harpy to your hand.
  • Repeat

If an opponent had a removal spell then they probably used it on Recruiter of the Guard after you played Cavern Harpy . This is why the deck plays so many counterspells, Mother of Runes , Silence , Grand Abolisher , etc.

The most important thing when messing with infinite mana is to make sure you have a blue mana available so you can play Thrasios, Triton Hero . Infinite G with no ability to draw cards is useless.

Don't draw your entire deck all at once. There are a lot of things you can (and usually should) do going for the win. First is to make colored mana. The best way is with Cryptolith Rite , which allows Devoted Druid to make other colors of mana. Lightning Greaves + Cloudstone Curio + Birds of Paradise + any creature also gives you other colors of mana. I recommend playing Grand Abolisher for safety's sake.

But after you get infinite of other colors you win by just casting Cavern Harpy and Parasitic Strix with all the mana you have.

A problem card that comes to mind is Leyline of Sanctity , but this is easily handled with Cyclonic Rift . A bigger problem is if Parasitic Strix gets exiled.

If Aluren gets exiled then do the infinite mana combo and win that way. It's why it's included. If Aluren and Parasitic Strix get exiled then draw cards until you have a way to get Recruiter of the Guard . DON'T DRAW ANY MORE CARDS or you will deck yourself. Then take the steps below (after the part to get infinite mana).

The most interesting problem is if you have Aluren and Recruiter of the Guard but Parasitic Strix is exiled. The first step is to make infinite mana.

Good job with phase 1. Now for phase 2. First we gotta destroy stuff. - Use Spellseeker to find Swords to Plowshares and Brainstorm . Find Eternal Witness with Recruiter of the Guard if you haven't yet. - By looping Swords to Plowshares and Knight of Autumn you should be able to deal with most nonland permanents your opponents control. Cyclonic Rift should take care of the rest (like planeswalkers). Use AEther Adept on tokens so they don't gain the life. - Use Spellseeker to find Diabolic Tutor and Brainstorm . Tutor for Wasteland .

Now we can destroy all opposing nonbasic lands with the following loop. - Use Brainstorm to put Wasteland on top of your library. - Put Wasteland into play with Coiling Oracle . - Destroy a nonbasic land - Loop eternal witness to get back Wasteland and Brainstorm .

Be careful because that loop draws a lot of cards. It's easy to avoid decking ourselves, but we have to be mindful. There's a reason I didn't say 'draw your deck'. Now it's time to set up a kill.

You should still have a bunch of lands and extra tutors and random artifacts in your deck. Leave them there. Make sure you have some counterspells in hand and Silence . Especially if you don't have Aluren in play. Now end the turn.

You should have Cryptolith Rite , Lightning Greaves , Devoted Druid , and Vizier of Remedies in play. This will give you infinite mana at instant speed. You can Silence one player and probably counter whatever matters from any other player. You should have about 40 power in play. That should be enough to kill every opponent over a few turns without them stopping you.

It's a long process, but it is possible to win without access to Parasitic Strix .


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