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Hellsing's Binder

Updating binder in progress, around 99% done!!!

ยป as of 2018/06/28

Most cards are NM condition to EX. All cards are correctly tagged with printing and foiling, please notice that many promo cards that I own does show the correct pricing

I collect Dark rituals and you can find my list of want/have here
Collecting complete set of timeshited foils, around 60% done List

Have around 30 Brainstorms, different printings/alters as a minor collection.

Please notice that I live in Sweden.

The following cards are bugged in the list:

  • Polluted delta; ONS printing, non foil
  • Rhystic Study; Prophecy printing, non foil
  • 2x Wooded Bastion; Shadowmoor printing,1 non foil, 1 foil
  • Sunken Ruins; Shadowmoor printing, non foil
  • Flooded Strand; Onslaught printing, very nice extended border alter, picture can be provided on request

I'm always intrested in old dual lands if you can't find anything in my wantlist to trade.

CrimsonKing and I sent out simultaneous but I never recieved my part of the trade. I'm still waiting for him to contact me about this, it has passed several months since I last contacted him. Now it seems like he aint active on the site any more. I still believe he's a genuine trader I just don't get it why he never contacted me again.....

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.
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