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The focus on this deck is to get out tormented souls along with exalted creatures and making huge unblockable swings. The weakness of this deck is the threat of my lone blocker getting removed, so I am running Faith Shield's with Grand Abolisher in the sideboard for decks running Vapor Snag.



BransonKP says... #1

I'd recommend adding Silverblade Paladin if you can find any, possibly in place of the Serra Angels. Doublestrike on an exalted creature is phenomenal. I've also seen Essence Harvest used with a great deal of success, perhaps it would fit better than the Disciple of Bolas. I'd recommend one more of each knight, as well. Your landbase looks pretty good, although personally I'd replace the evolving wilds with something more helpful. Another Cathedral of War and another Isolated Chapel wouldn't be bad choices. I'm also tempted to say that Nefarox probably won't get played very often, especially without 2x but I haven't played with him yet so that's up to you. If you chose to add more knights, I've seen War Falcon played with an amount of success as well.

July 23, 2012 4:53 p.m.

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