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Obviously Brimaz and Ephara can cause some obscene card drawing action against decks that actually do combat.

Resonated Chained to the Rocks or Dsphere is backbreaking, not to mention the neat interactions with Deputy of Acquittals and Assemble the Legion.

In a seriously bad pinch you can always resonate the scry from your scrylands.

The big question is vs. control: do we want to become more aggressive, or become more like a control deck? Or neither and just load up on 8 ways to survive verdict? In this iteration I am playing Akroan Hoplite, making the Legion's Initiative sideboard much better. When I go with Omenspeaker or Frostburn Weird at the 2drop slot, then counterflux feels better.

The competition for 3drop slots is extreme, with Banisher Priest, Lyev Skyknight, and Daxos of Meletis not making the cut right now.

Mizzium Mortars in the side is a concession to the fact that Blood Baron and Stormbreath Dragon are super annoying.


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