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I got bored. Travis Woo is running it on Tuesday Brewsday next week (or at least his take on the deck)

When I get less Lazy I will write a primer on it and how it works. The best way i can describe it now is through a post i made on another site earlier:

Basically you fill the board with dudes, put abundant growths and verdent havens on basics and continual do this until you have a decent amount of creatures that draw cards, spells that create positive mana (verdant haven, ghost quarter with faiths reward, burning trees) and, depending on the draw creatures, a way to sac all the creatures. Normally you cycle all your dudes and just generate additional mana and draw a few cards once without killing them so you can draw the missing pieces and the kill card (blood artist). Then, with at least one reanimation spell in hand you do it again and again until there dead. Its really hard to play and explain. I can play you on MTGO one time and show you how it works. But for now I got some work to do. Hope this helped somehow :)


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