A reworked deck of mine from a while back. Added a couple new wincons and tweaked the playstyle a bit. Enjoy!

Fueling the wincons in the deck are Saprolings. Produced by several cards in the deck, these little fungi allow your deck to unleash misery upon your opponent.
Sprout Swarm- A buyback spell that can be used over and over again to generate Saprolings. Convoke makes this spell very easy to cast and buy back.
Scatter the Seeds- Another Convoke spell to add 3 Saprolings.
Fungal Sprouting- Mid-late game token production. Works best when coupled with a pumped Root-Kin Ally; Champion of Lambholt + Fists of Ironwood; or any creature targeted by Might of the Masses with friends in the battlefield.

Life and Limb + Sporemound - With both of these permanents on the field, all you have to do is play a Forest or Saproling. Since both are each other, they will produce Saproling Forests infinately unless:
- A player with priority removes one or both of the combo pieces between triggered abilities
- Either player loses the game as a result of the combo.

This is why I have Naturalize in the deck, to break the combo when the desired number of Saprolings have been produced, or if the combo fails to yield a win. This combo, if left unbroken, will result in a draw.

Helping ramp the deck is creature-mana and the mechanic Convoke. Tapping creatures for mana (to get more creatures) leaves little in the way of attacking power. throne of the god pharoah is a conduit for direct damage after tapping these creatures.

Beyond Convoke and critter-mana, is the tap-outlet of Root-Kin Ally. Pump it up massively for attacking purposes, or tap your creatures for the sake of having them tapped for Throne.
The aggro side of the deck comes from Champion of Lambholt and Root-Kin Ally. Both can get very large very quickly in this deck.

The added pumps through creature ETB, plus the evasion of ALL of your creatures through Champion, regardless of their own individual power, makes this card extremely valuable as a wincon. When coupled with Fists of Ironwood, as Champion and Ally potentially get +2/+2 and/or Trample.

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