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Wanna do something cool with the 3 silliest (still great) cards ever, Omnibian, Peer Pressure, and Spawnbroker. Also I want to play obscure cards that don't see action. Fun is a bonus :) Rate, comment, please help with ideas.
This deck is about $14 on TCGPlayer, 11/9/12.

Don't forget that using Omnibian will let you:

  1. Make a Plaxcaster Frogling 6/6 until the end of the turn. Put a Favor of the Overbeing on and you get a 5/5 (8/8 when using omnibian) vigilant flyer.

  2. Steal other creatures using Spawnbroker.

  3. Steal creatures with Peer Pressure without needing a Standardize.

  4. Use Standardize to make everything pumpkin type, then use Omnibian to make other creatures frogs, a creative way to steal creatures when your opponent has more creatures than you. A reverse pyschology look at Peer Pressure. (steal the pumpkins, not the frogs).

  5. Make your opponent's Worldspine Wurm, Ludevic's Test Subject  Flip, or Krosan Cloudscraper (etc..) 3/3 so you can block and kill it (does not work on Ageless Entity so toss in a Fate Transfer if that is likely).

  6. I'll let you figure out the rest.

Proof that Omnibian isn't a dumb card or a junk rare.


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