Riiibit.. Riiiiiiiibit

Casual* G/U (Simic)

buhlertj Score: 46


Wanna do something cool with the 3 silliest (still great) cards ever, Omnibian, Peer Pressure, and Spawnbroker. Also I want to play obscure cards that don't see action. Fun is a bonus :) Rate, comment, please help with ideas.
This deck is about $14 on TCGPlayer, 11/9/12.

Don't forget that using Omnibian will let you:

  1. Make a Plaxcaster Frogling 6/6 until the end of the turn. Put a Favor of the Overbeing on and you get a 5/5 (8/8 when using omnibian) vigilant flyer.

  2. Steal other creatures using Spawnbroker.

  3. Steal creatures with Peer Pressure without needing a Standardize.

  4. Use Standardize to make everything pumpkin type, then use Omnibian to make other creatures frogs, a creative way to steal creatures when your opponent has more creatures than you. A reverse pyschology look at Peer Pressure. (steal the pumpkins, not the frogs).

  5. Make your opponent's Worldspine Wurm, Ludevic's Test Subject  Flip, or Krosan Cloudscraper (etc..) 3/3 so you can block and kill it (does not work on Ageless Entity so toss in a Fate Transfer if that is likely).

  6. I'll let you figure out the rest.

Proof that Omnibian isn't a dumb card or a junk rare.


Posted 1 of many other versions of this deck, Check it out.

Rapid Hybridization looks like a good things for this deck, maybe more cards will come from gatecrash to add in.

Added Rites of Flourishing for card draw. Could be swapped out for Rhystic Study if you don't mind being the enemy.


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